How to do a Fantasy Draft in NBA 2K21

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As users look for new things to do on NBA 2K, many users have been looking for how to do a fantasy draft in NBA 2K21. MyLeague is a very underrated part of NBA 2K but is one of the best modes to play with friends.

The MyLeague fantasy draft allows players to draft their teams from the current NBA teams or historic NBA teams. The way the league is run is up to you.

Here your guide on how to start your fantasy draft.

First, you will need to go to MyLeague and create a new league. You can then choose if you want to use current teams or a mixture of current and historic. After you select the roster you will choose to start the season in the regular season, because if you choose offseason you won’t be able to do the draft.

After you choose this, you will have the option to change the setup options. You will go to the setup options and scroll down to fantasy draft. You will turn that on.

After you’ve done this, you, and your friends, will now select the teams you want to play with. After all of the desired teams are selected, it is now time for the actual draft.

Now you just draft your fantasy team and you are ready to put them to the test against your friends.

Setting up a fantasy draft is easy and only takes about five minutes to complete. Good luck with your draft!

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