What is Dime Time in NBA 2K21?

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What is Dime Time in NBA 2K21?
What is Dime Time in NBA 2K21? | Photo courtesy of EA Sports

What is Dime Time in NBA 2K21?

For those who are active in the MyPark scene, this is a very fun event.

Dime Time is an event that happens annually on NBA 2K MyPark. During the one-day event, players are encouraged to do something they don’t normally do. Get assists!

At the beginning of the event, 2K will have a set number of assists that the entire 2K community must reach in order to “win” the event. If the number of assists is reached, everybody that participated will win a prize. While the prize varies, it’s usually something good. Typically the assist stat would increase making players better at assisting for a short period of time.

Whether you’re a playing-making point guard or a rebounding center, go and get you some assists!

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