Meet the four geniuses of Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius comes from the golden era of PC management and god games, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper 2 to offer imaginative base-building with a distinctive art style and a ton of personality. Set in a vibrant sixties spy-thriller world, Evil Genius was filled with the kind of comical villains that would give Dr Evil a run for his one million dollars.

Now, Evil Genius 2: World Domination brings the series back to the global stage, offering four geniuses to control. There are old faces and new, each with their own vision for taking over the world and unique abilities to aid their mission. Here’s a little meet-and-greet of the four titular geniuses.


evil genius 2

(Image credit: Rebellion)

The face of the series (and rightfully so, he’d tell you). Maximilian fuses the venerable Bond-villainy of Blofeld, the ambition and short-man complex of Napoleon Bonaparte, and an ageing English bulldog (though you wouldn’t guess that from how fast the guy moves).

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