NBA 2K21 Tips: Passing Tutorial

Do you want to learn every type of pass available at your disposal in NBA 2K21 on Next Gen? Well, check out this tutorial on improvements made to passing and how to perform the different type of passes in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 Tips: Passing Tutorial

Bounce Pass

With the improved passing physics, the location on bounce passes has been improved a great deal. To perform a bounce pass, aim the left stick towards your target and press ‘Circle’ or ‘B’ while pointing the left stick at your target. It’s used to make it harder to deflect or intercept passing to the post, around the perimeter and most importantly to rolling big men out of the pick and roll. The goal is to have it hit the ground right before it reaches the defender, then bounce right towards your target.

Lead to Basket Pass

To Lead them to the basket, aim the left stick towards the player you want to cut, then quickly press ‘Triangle’ or ‘Y’ to lead them to the basket. You only want to do this on fast breaks and around the perimeter against super tight defensive coverage. The biggest change this year to this pass is it cannot be cancelled if the player doesn’t break free. So be certain your player can move into open space to receive the pass.

Skip Pass

To pull this off, aim the left stick towards your target, then hold ‘X’ or ‘A’. I love skip passes because if you know who your throwing to, you can get it to them a lot faster.

Lead to Basket Skip Pass

This pass combines the 2 types of passes we just covered. What if you want to pass to a guy, but he has another player in his way and you also want him to cut? The lead to the basket skip pass should do the trick. To pull this off, hold ‘Triangle’ or ‘Y’ on your controller to select the furthest receiver and use left stick to direct him to the hoop.

Handoff Pass

Now, this isn’t as deadly or consistent as it should be, but it still works. However, this does give the recipient a running start into the lane. It can give the 2 man actions causing the chasing defender to get stuck in traffic. To activate a handoff pass, aim the left stick at who you want to pass it to and then hold ‘Circle’ or ‘B’ on your controller to hand the ball to your teammate.

Fake Pass

To fake pass, hold both ‘Triangle’ and ‘Circle’ or ‘Y’ and ‘B’ at the same time. This can help get user defenders out of position thinking you’re going to pass the ball, therefore opening up better passing angles and open teammates for the offense.

Icon Passing

This removes the uncertainty of who your passing to by adding 1 more button press. To Icon Pass in 2K21, press ‘R1’ or ‘RB’.

Icon Lead Passing

Icon Lead Passing can create plays for teammates out of nowhere by pressing ‘R1’ or ‘RB’ to bring up your icons. Once their up, use the left stick to aim where you want your target to go then press their icon. I use this to push players behind the line for three pointers or push guys towards the rim if I see an opening.

Alley Oop

You first want to make sure the guy you’re interested in throwing to has a clear lane to the hoop. Then once confirmed, aim the left stick towards him while double tapping ‘Triangle’ or ‘Y’.

Self Alley Oop

You want to make sure your driving towards the hoop, then double tap ‘Y’ or ‘Triangle’ to attempt an alley oop to yourself. Just like a regular alley-oop, make sure you have a clear lane to do it. Look for this on fast breaks mostly, unless the paint is wide open.

So, with that I hope I was able to help you understand some of the different types of passes at your disposal in NBA 2K21. If you liked the video make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t so you don’t miss anything we put out.


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