Lebron James Possibly the Most Annoying Player in Madden

A recent article discussed chemistry between Lebron James and members of the Los Angeles Lakers and how their bonds led to their 17th title victory. During which, the article covers some of the activities teammates partake in. One of which included the team’s Madden tournament.

Claims call LeBron James most annoying Madden player

During their tournament, those on the team describe Lebron James as someone “who took the competition seriously”. The article notes James often practices in between games. While practicing in itself is not bad, his playstyle eventually drew the ire of his team. Apparently, James would insist on using the same play repeatedly while playing as the Buccaneers. His play called for repeated use of running back, Ronald Jones II.

Those who called him out consisted of Jared Dudley. However, Lebron James would follow up with his own response on the backlash.

“I had a great team. I had a great running back, and I had a great play that a lot of guys in our league couldn’t stop,” LeBron says. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

The article goes on to equate the use of one play and player to the way Lebron is typically played in games like NBA 2K21. Feed one person the ball and go to work.

If you’ve been lucky enough to grab an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5, you can test out Lebron’s “one-dimensional” approach on your own. Madden 21 launched for on next-gen consoles earlier this month. Additionally, EA Sports released a new title update just this week with the details available here at Sports Gamers Online.

NBA 2K21 launched for next-gen consoles last month on November 10. This week, the game saw its latest patch. Be sure to check out the patch notes if you have not already.

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