NBA 2K 2021 League and expanding the esports markets

The NKBA 2K League is the premier competitive event basketball in Esports, and it has had a big growth over 2020. NBA 2K in 2021 looks set to be even bigger, pushing the popular Basketball simulator into new heights. . The N BA 2K League is by far the largest event that there is, but there is always action going on. The league is winding up for the year, which has entailed a new system of qualifiers with more events held than ever before.

A few things make the game unique, and they’re partially why NBA 2K in 2021 is growing in popularity. The teams themselves are owned by national basketball teams, so the league is considerably closer to the actual sport than you’ll find with other esports for traditional sports. The events are broad, with plenty for fans to watch across the season. This is everything going on with NBA 2K esports and betting in 2021.

NBA 2K Esports

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NBA 2K 2021 League

 The NBA 2K League is by far the biggest event for the game. This is a league with a hugely growing viewership. Last Season, the NBA 2K’s viewership leapt up close to 70%. Part of this was likely down to delays to regular Basketball due to the Coronavirus. However, viewership has stayed higher since normal games have returned. So we can safely say the NBA 2K League has had huge growth in 2021, which should continue with NBA 2K in 20221.

The League now has a much wider format than in previous years. Since 2020, more teams are participating in regular matches on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Outside of the normal matches, local teams are holding even more events across the Season too.


The most recent event for the game were qualifiers and try-outs. The NBA 2k 2021 League featured a brand new try-out season. 35 Pro-Am tournaments were hosted by the individual teams associated with the League. These teams hosted ‘Prospect Series’ with games played between player hoping to make the jump to the big league. This is an innovative and fun way to get new players involved in the game.

NBA League Betting on the rise

NBA 2K in 2021 has a lot of betting options open for players. In terms of how it works, it is pretty much the same detail as regular NBA betting. You can bet on all the same things happening across the map, so lots of different markets. The teams in play in NBA 2K are even owned by the same regular NBA teams. However, they are specifically tied to that team with the same name of anything, the same group just operates a regular basketball team and an esports team.

Across bookies like GG Bet you’ll find NBA 2K games playing a lot, with coverage extended to smaller events as well as the big NBA 2K League. If you’re looking to get into the game or betting on the game, then this is a great time to start. The full NBA 2K League 2021 isn’t due to kick off for a little while longer. However, the events to finalize rosters for this tournament are going to be just an exciting too.

Furthermore, virtual NBA2k matches are being played as well for those seeking to place extra bets. If you know your NBA2k teams and how they would perform in a virtual setting then this option is for you.

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