NBA 2K21 Tips: Dribble Moves Beginners Must Know

Today, we will be going over a few must-know beginner dribble moves to help beat defenders off the dribble in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 MUST-KNOW Dribble Moves for Beginners

Retreat Spin Move


To perform the retreat spin move, swing the right stick from your offball hand around the bottom to your ball hand while driving. Immediately after, aim the left stick towards your players back. The positions on this will depend on where he’s at on the court. This move acts as a nice counter against defenders who sell out thinking the ball handler will spin the opposite direction. All the while your setting up a wide open shot or an easy drive the other way.

Explosive Behind the Back


Now, to do an explosive behind the back dribble, aim the right stick down and to the side of the offball hand. Do this while aiming the left stick up and to the same side your offball hand is on. This is deadly because of the simple fact you can perform this from a standstill position. Imagine the possibilities this presents when you’re in the triple threat position or setting up a pick and roll.


NBA 2K21 Stepback

One of the most important dribble moves to utilize when playing aggressive defenders is the stepback. This is effective most when used after the defender has nearly or completely stopped the drive. It also works well against defenders playing super close. Pulling off a successful stepback provides much needed spacing by opening up a possible shot opportunity or drive with the increased driving angles. To perform a setback you hold the right trigger on your controller and flick the right stick down.

Behind The Back Escape Dribble

NBA 2K21 Escape

This move is done by holding the right stick down and towards your offball hand. Any major ball handler in NBA 2K21 must have this move in their bag of tricks.


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