Baldur’s Gate 3 Implements Hotfix For Improved Loaded Dice

Baldur’s Gate 3 Implements Hotfix For Improved Loaded Dice

Developer Larian Studios rolls out hotfix to help those who have “angered the RNG Gods”, with further improvements to the loaded dice.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Implements Hotfix For Improved Loaded Dice

Larian Studios implemented the optional feature of loaded dice rolls in Patch 4.0 for Baldur’s Gate 3, however players have expressed that the RNG was still not fun for them, and still causing a lot of woes. So now the developer has introduced a hotfix to help increase hit chance if you choose to play with the loaded dice.

However loaded dice rolls will only affect the RNG of rolling character’s favour for now, affecting both NPC’s and enemies. This feature is optional and can be turned on and off in the gameplay settings.

You can find the full list of changes below:


  • Disable the failure RNG debt for combat rolls


  • Fixed crash when examining a deactivated entity (like the Bulette disappearing).

Larian Launcher:

  • Added game pages for D:OS and D:OS2
  • Added a button for players to verify game files after a crash
  • Double clicking via LMB on the game selection section (Top left) no longer makes the launcher details disappear.
  • Update the bottom logo to add interactivity + make it clear it leads to
  • Selecting a game using RMB no longer causes the player to be stuck on one game
  • Added continue button so you can load your most recent save directly from the launcher

In case you missed it, Baldur’s Gate 3’s major patch 4.0 landed in February featuring Nature’s Power, adding the Druid class to the game which is currently in Early Access. A quick rundown of the Druid class includes shapeshifting to Dire Wolf, Polar Bear, Spider, Raven and even a new Abberant Shape.  There are eight Shapes in total and even NPCs will react to the form you take. You can read about/watch more details about the class in our Baldur’s Gate 3 Next Big Patch Adds Druids.

If you’re wondering whether jumping into Early Access is right for you, you should check out Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access First Impressions: Should You Get BG3 EA?.

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