Burger King Transforms Menu Into A Basketball Court In Collab With NBA 2K21

Video gamers are being given the opportunity to score free food as part of a new partnership between basketball game NBA2K21 and US fast food chain Burger King.

Burger King is encouraging users to play NBA2K21 in MyLeague or MyNBA Mode and download ‘The Menu Court’ – a virtual court featuring various items from the Burger King menu.

The aim of the game is simple – make a shot from a particular item’s logo on the court and win it to enjoy in real life.

The tougher the shot, the more lucrative an item to be won. A halfcourt shot equates to a full meal.

Of course, there is a big push towards social media to ensure the initiative gets adequate visibility. Gamers must post a video of the shot to Twitter with the hashtag #BKMenuCourt to redeem the offering.

Twitter is already quickly filling up with videos from the Burger King Menu Court.

The campaign will run through April.

It’s not the first time Burger King has integrated its branding within a video game. Last year Burger King decided to sponsor fourth division British football outfit Stevenage purely so that its branding would be seen on FIFA 20.

The fast food chain then encouraged users to “turn a small team in the real world into the biggest team online”, offering free food and other rewards for gamers who shared their Stevenage goals on Twitter.

The campaign proved a viral success, with 25,000 goals being shared online by gamers in just a week.

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