NBA 2K21 Rookies : Top three Draft Picks ratings revealed

NBA 2K21 Rookies : Months and months of delays are finally over. The 2020 NBA is finally here. With the announcement of the picks made public, NBA 2K21 revealed their rookie ratings for the top prospects of this season.

NBA 2K21 ratings are very highly sought after by the fans. This year as soon 2K revealed the ratings as soon as the players were drafted in real life. The rookies are available to play with as soon as the 2020 draft end. You can even get them into MyTEAM. Let’s take a look at the rating of the top 3 picks of the night.

  1. NBA 2K21 rating of first pick Anthony Edwards –

Minnesota Timberwolves had the first pick of this years draft. They started the night with Anthony Edwards. NBA 2K21 were very generous as they gave the explosive guard a speed rating of 89. He was also give a 83 driving lay up and a 81 mid-range attribute. While no one is aware what the final OVR may be, many are predicting that Anthony Edward’s rating will be in the range of 78-80 OVR.

2. NBA 2K rating of James Wiseman –

The Golden State Warriors were having the second pick of the night. They went with James Wiseman. It is expected by many that he will be a dominant presnce on paint. Which could also be one reason of why the Warriors went for him. He was given with an outstanding rating of 85 offensive rebound. The other two ratings were an 82 shot close attribute and 80 block rating.

3. 3rd pick LaMelo Ball’s ratings –

LaMelo Ball is known for his playmaking skills. He was the third pick of the night and was picked by the Charlotte Hornets. 2K21 has given him an 86 ball control attribute, which is impressive for a rookie. They have also recognized his playmaking skills and have given him an outstanding 86 pass IQ and an 83 pass vision attribute.

And there we have it. The top 3 rookies of the year were revealed by NBA 2K21. Fans would be very excited to try their hands and playing with their favorite rookies.

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