NBA 2K21 MyTeam Glitched Reality season: Rewards, new markets revealed

2K has officially revealed the newest details for the sixth season of NBA 2K21 MyTeam — and everything is getting weird.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam sent details about the new season to the Deseret News. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

Things to know about MyTeam:

  • The NBA 2K MyTeam mode is a fantasy-like mode where gamers can collect virtual cards of their favorite players and build, well, fantasy lineups using current and historic NBA stars.
  • This year, MyTeam has broken up its game into multiple seasons, following the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty, which offer seasons for its games that allow players to earn rewards throughout the years.
  • The mode gives players specific designations for their abilities (for example, Dark Matter cards are the top tier, Galaxy Opal is the second tier, Pink Diamond is the third tier, and more).

What is happening for MyTeam Season 6?

NBA 2K21 will make Season 6 the “Glitched Reality” season, which will include a number of changes to the game mode.

  • The new “Glitched Reality” season will include hidden locker codes, which can unlock rewards and new players throughout the season.
  • The season will include a new “glitched” version of Domination, the mode that requires you to defeat all 30 NBA teams and three more all-star teams.
  • “So who are you pitting your best lineup against in this Glitched tier? Well, that is for you to discover. Maybe they’re all linked with hyphens?” the NBA2K21 MyTeam blog reads.

Rewards MyTeam Season 6:

  • Dark Matter JR Smith will be the season’s top reward player.
  • Galaxy Opal Michael Redd will be available in the Unlimited mode (where you have to go on a winning streak against other opponents)
  • Galaxy Opal Rashard Lewis will be the reward for the Limited mode (where you collect rings for winning games)
  • Galaxy Opal Billy Cunningham can be found on the Ascension Board.
  • Galaxy Opal Fat Lever will be the reward for winning 1,250 games in the three-on-three Triple Threat mode.
  • Galaxy Opal Julius Randle can be won on Triple Threat Online.
  • Galaxy Opal Jerry Sloan — the former Utah Jazz coach — can be won in the Triple Threat Offline mode.
  • Mel Daniels is the Domination reward.

New markets for MyTeam Season 6:

Per the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode’s courtside blog, “new markets have also been added to MyTeam. The new Glitch Market will continue the tradition of hidden markets of previous MyTeam years. … um, I think I’ve already said too much. … Well, the other market, you know what, I’m sure someone will find it shortly after the season is launched.”

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