“I will have a 96 rating in NBA 2k22”: Clippers’ Paul George sends a message to his haters for next season

Paul George says he will increase his NBA 2K rating to a 95 or 96 by the end of next season; is disappointed in his NBA 2K21 rating.

The 2019-20 season wasn’t a great one for Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George. He started the season off by missing several games due to his shoulder injury and ended up only playing a total of 48 games in the regular season.

Following this, the Clippers suffered a historic collapse in the WCSF against the Denver Nuggets, largely due to George’s abysmal play in Game 7, as he put up a measly 10 points on 4-16 shooting.

Following this, reports surfaced of his falling out with his teammates in the locker room and fans started calling him out for his lack of ‘clutch performances’.

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All of this put together resulted in Paul George receiving an 88 overall rating in 2K21, and George was not too pleased.

Paul George vows to increase his overall for NBA 2K22

In a virtual interview with Ronnie 2K, Ronnie revealed to George what his 2K21 base rating was going to be and it turned out to be an 88.

Upon hearing Ronnie reveal his rating to him, the 6x All Star remained optimistic and said, “This is going to be an amazing training going into this next season. I’m going to predict I’m around 95. 2K22 I’ll be like a 96.”

There was a lot of conviction in Paul George’s voice, however, going by his recent performances, he’ll need a massive change in his training regime to enable him to achieve that career(and NBA 2K rating) transformation.

Will Paul George bounce back next season?

Entering the 2019-20 NBA season, George was coming off an All-Star, top 3 MVP candidate season, where his rating was a solid 93 in NBA 2K20.

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This past season was rough for the California native as he put up a mere 21.5 points per game, along with 3.9 assists, while shooting 43.9% from the field.

Paul George is a world class talent who is one of the best 2-way wings in the league so counting him out after one mediocre season would not be wise. It will interesting to see how Ty Lue uses his services next season and if the Clippers setup can ensure that PG13 is able to get his mojo back.

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