How to fix NBA 2K21 error code A40C9996

It’s the same old story: You load up NBA 2K21 intending to get your game on, only to encounter a problem with your connection. When this happens, you may to run into error code A40C9996. This issue has clear ties to the game’s online functions, but the error message itself doesn’t do much to explain the problem. Here’s what causes NBA 2K21 error code A40C9996 to appear and what you need to do to fix it.

NBA 2K21: How to fix error code A40C9996

NBA 2K21: How to fix error code A40C9996

In most cases, NBA 2K21 error code A40C9996 appears when the game services are experiencing interruptions. It’s possible that a new patch is being deployed, or that servers are down following an unexpected outage. Either way, error code A40C9996 should fix itself in time.

Like with so many other error codes, the pop-up message for A40C9996 is not very helpful. The game will simply say “There is a problem with your connection to our online services” before advising you to check out the current server status.

As it turns out, that’s all you really need to do. Stop by the official NBA 2K status page to see if the servers are down. Alternatively, you can find user-submitted reports over on DownDetector. If any of the major game services are experiencing interruptions, that’s why you’re encountering the error. Server outages can also cause the game to be unable to synchronize user profile information. You may also reach this error code depending on specific platform outages on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Google Stadia.

No matter what caused it, the solution is always the same. Since error code A40C9996 is a server-side issue, there’s nothing you need to do to fix it. The developers will simply have to restore online functions before you can get back into the game. Hold tight and you’ll be able to return to the court before you know it.

NBA 2K21 error code A40C9996 may be annoying, but it’s not typically persistent. It usually appears when servers are down or online services are experiencing interruptions. The only thing you need to do to fix the problem is wait for the developers to fix the problem themselves.

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