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A lot of NBA fans will be familiar with 2K20’s shooting system, but for new players, the process of shooting game-winning hoops can be tricky. Even seasoned players have trouble consistently landing perfect shots, especially when trying to nail those trickier half-court plays.

Just like any competitive game, NBA 2K20 requires a high level of skill, game knowledge, and most importantly perseverance. The best players don’t become experts overnight. Instead, they look at ways of improving their abilities and performance on the virtual court. While learning how to defend, pass, dribble, and pick and roll are incredibly important, they mean nothing if you can’t actually shoot. Fortunately, this handy shooting guide aims to help you perfect this mechanic, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to increase your win rate.

Practice your shooting skills in training mode

You have to start somewhere, make the most of the training mode

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One of the quickest and easiest methods to get better at shooting is to simply head out into the game’s training mode. This useful feature allows you to practice all the different shooting types and nail the perfect shot, making it a great place to try out different shots before diving into competitive games.

Be sure to mix up your shot taking distances and try out any techniques you find difficult. Getting the timing down can be extremely difficult when you have the added pressure of other players on the field, so sometimes it’s best to spend a few minutes getting used to the feel of each shot before taking on your rivals. Once you get used to the timing, try turning off the shot meter and practice without the gauge. While this option does penalise players who mistime their shots, it does give them a huge boost that can lead to some incredible plays. Those who are serious about climbing the competitive ranks will want to perfect this, so get down to the training room and get practising.

Patience is a virtue, wait for the perfect opportunity

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While it can be incredibly tempting to shoot for those impressive half-court shots, it’s almost always better to wait until you’re open. A lot of players will often force shots when they’re behind, but this can often make things worse, especially when you’re playing against the best NBA 2K20 players. Instead, try to look for opportunities where your players can utilise their individual skills to outplay your opponent. There’s often no point giving the ball to someone who has poor accuracy or is prone to messing up easy shots, so learn what each individual excels at and use their kit to your advantage. Once you have a good understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know which players synergise well with one another and who to prioritise giving the ball to.

Pay close attention to the shot meter

Watching shooting animations has always been important in NBA 2K, but the latest instalments have made shooting a little easier. Instead of timing the shot with the animation, you can simply watch the shot meter to unleash a perfect shot. The meter will gradually fill up as you hold down the action button, giving you more power the longer you hold it down.

However, it’s important to try and release the ball as soon as the shot meter is filled to the top. If done correctly, the shot meter will glow green and your player will unleash the ball with deadly power and precision. While landing the perfect shot will certainly boost your overall performance on the court, it won’t guarantee game-winning shots every time, especially when you’re surrounded by a strong defence or going for those long-distance plays.

Unlock and equip MyPlayer badges

Badges will greatly improve your shooting ability

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With over 100 archetypes and 50 new badges for players to unlock, combinations for creating the perfect player are nearly endless. As a result, picking the right badges can be a rather daunting experience, especially when you’re looking to kit your player out with the very best. Throughout the duration of the game, NBA 2K20’s progression system allows you to modify your badges, giving you plenty of opportunities to unleash your full playmaking potential. However, when it comes to improving your shooting skills, Deadeye, Quickdraw, and Difficult Shots are great choices. Deadeye enables jump shots taken with a defender to receive less of a penalty from a shot contest, while Quickdraw speeds up the release of all jump shots. When you pair these two badges with the shot percentage boost from Difficult Shots, you have a recipe for success. Make sure you upgrade and prioritise these badges to increase your shooting potential.

Spec your character for shooting

Customise your character to your taste

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Before you jump into MyCareer’s matches, you’ll be treated to the usual customisation options that allow you to create your very own NBA player. This is incredibly important and will have a huge impact on the way your character performs in-game, so make sure you prioritise the stats you want before hitting the court. Having a character that excels at mid-range shots, three-point shots, free throws, and post-fades will not only increase your chances of winning, it will also give your team the opportunities they need to gain an edge against trickier opponents. Be sure to also pump attribute points into your character’s dunking skills as this will give you some potent finishers that you can use when opting for a more aggressive approach. Lastly, your height should sit around the 6’5” mark to ensure you maintain decent speed, strength, acceleration, and vertical stats without compromising your ability to break through the game’s taller defenders.

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