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With another entry in the NBA 2K series out now, MyCareer is back. And, while it’s probably the most popular game mode, it can still be pretty hard to get started with. MyCareer will present you with a huge number of choices while you play, from small choices about build to decisions about agents. With that in mind, this list of the top 5 MyCareer tips will help you to get going in NBA 2K21.

1. Make the right build

Getting your build right is key in MyCareer

Getting your build right is key in MyCareer

This one seems pretty obvious, but a lot of players do end up picking the wrong build for their playstyle. Choosing your build is the first, and possibly most important, decision you’ll make in MyCareer. You should choose a build that lets you play the way you’ll enjoy. If you like attacking the rim and dunking, don’t make a Sharpshooting build. 

If you don’t buy VC, it’ll take a lot of play to get your overall up by earning VC. This grind will be really dull and painstaking if you don’t enjoy using your build. It takes approximately 170,000 VC to get from 60 to 85 overall, so have fun getting it.

That said, make sure to pick a build that is effective when you play. You don’t want to spend ages on your build, only to find it sucks when playing Rec or Pro-Am. Check out what builds are best for centers, for example, before you start a center MyCareer.

2. Perform in the introduction/pre-draft

Doing well in the pre-draft part of MyCareer is key to getting a head start

Doing well in the pre-draft part of MyCareer is key to getting a head start

NBA 2K21’s MyCareer, as usual, doesn’t put you straight into the NBA. There’s a bunch to do before you’ve even played a single NBA game. This includes games, drills, and decisions, that can ultimately help or hinder you when you start the main part of the game.

An important part of the introduction is playing well in college games. It doesn’t matter which college you pick after the few opening high school games. To earn the maximum possible salary in your rookie season (more on this later), you need to be at least the second overall pick. To get drafted this high, you have to make sure you win games, get a high teammate grade, and complete challenges given to you by a reporter.

Also, your choice of agent is pretty key here. You can choose either Archie Baldwin or Harper Dell. Dell will get you big sponsorships quicker, whereas Baldwin might get you better deals later. If you’re looking for a quick start to MyCareer, be sure to go with Dell. Or, if you’re willing to grind for longer for better rewards, pick Baldwin.

3. Grind for some VC

Find as many ways to get good VC as possible

Find as many ways to get good VC as possible

VC, or “virtual currency”, is the key to getting better in MyCareer. All stat upgrades must be bought with VC, so without a good source of it, you won’t be quick to get better. To get better quickly, you need ways to get VC quickly.

MyCareer games, that is, NBA games, are a great way to get consistent VC. You’ll earn a salary for each game you play, plus incentives from sponsorships when you complete certain challenges. These are a great way to pick up even more VC from MyCareer games, so be sure to pick ones that you can complete easily. Once you get to around All-Star level, you can get 1000 VC for 30 minutes of play. That’s not a bad deal.


There’s also a bunch of ways to get super quick VC. Doing the Daily Spin at Jeff’s 2K Arcade can get you up to a few thousand VC, and you can spin it more times the more you level up. Check on the Daily Spin daily to get some easy VC. Or answer questions on 2KTV when it pops up before games. If you get all the answers right in each episode, you can get a couple thousand VC. 

4. Get used to the new shot meter

Try and get used to using the new shot meter

Try and get used to using the new shot meter

This is something that should be on any tips for NBA 2K21, not just the top 5 MyCareer tips. The game features a revamped shooting system, so old and new players alike will have to get used to this. Instead of being timing based, the new meter places a target space on some part of the meter. You need to move your stick to the left or right to find the middle of the zone.

This is a big change from the old shooting system, so take some time to get used to it. Don’t jump into competitive park games before you’ve got the shot meter down. Understanding the meter, and getting to grips with it, will not only let you improve your game against the computer; it will also give you an advantage over other players who might not be as good with the new meter. Play around in your practice court until you’re comfortable, then go take on the rest of MyCareer.

5. Work on your Badges

Upgrading your badges is key in MyCareer

Upgrading your badges is key in MyCareer

Badges are as important in 2K as VC, as badges give you that extra edge against players with the same stats. Badges act as a special boost in particular areas of your game, and can be key in performing at the highest level in MyCareer. Players with a lower overall but good badges can outperform players with a better overall and worse badges.

You gain progress towards badges every time you play a MyCareer game. Making jump shots, for example, will progress you towards shooting badges like “Range Extender”. VC and badges go hand in hand; spend VC on the stats you want to get better at, and getting badges for that area will get easier. And, if you play more minutes, you’ll get more opportunities to grind your badges, so try not to just hog the ball. Although you might just want to shoot as much as possible to grind a shooting badge, it’ll be easier when you’re playing double the minutes.

The other key is training. Unlocking training drills will give you a way to get huge progress towards badges between games. Make sure to always do team training, and you’ll be rewarded with insane amounts of progress for badges in a short space of time. It might not be the most fun thing to do when you have a lower overall, but it will let you play much better in the long term. 

For more NBA 2K21 MyCareer tips, check out some of KeenGamer’s other guides! Or, take a look at the trophies for this year’s NBA 2K.

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