NBA 2K League Draft Process Revealed For Season 4

If you’re hoping to be eligible for the upcoming NBA 2K League season, you’ll likely have more opportunities than you’ve ever had before.

I received an early look at the process, and also spoke with Community Ambassador Graham “BFW” Borden about the new structure, and the word that kept coming up was inclusion.

In this year’s process, the NBA 2K League will look to bring in the best players from around the world, both male and female, through a variety of team-orchestrated tournaments, and league-sanctioned events.

Those events will serve as a preliminary look at the top prospects, and they will also provide an opportunity for the community to watch the best players and hopefuls in action in leading up to the Combine.

Here is a detailed look at the structure, per the press release that was provided to me by the NBA 2K League.

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