The 10 Worst Player Overalls That Make Absolutely No Sense

With the release of NBA 2K21, fans see which players’ overalls made absolutely no sense given their actual performance.

The 2020-21 NBA season is set to kick off and fans can’t wait to watch their favorite superstars on the hardwood. Some of the best players in the league are returning, such as Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and John Wall of the Houston Rockets.

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It’s unclear what effects the shortened offseason will have on the quality of play, but time will tell. NBA 2K21 is the place to play if you’re a gamer, but as an NBA player it can be heartbreaking. Let’s look at the worst player overalls in NBA 2K’s latest release that make no sense whatsoever.

10 Jordan Clarkson (79)

jordan clarkson

Jordan Clarkson was a relatively unknown player who was scoring buckets in Cleveland for a team struggling to win 15 games a season. After he was traded to the Utah Jazz during the 2019 season fans across the world witnessed just how effective Clarkson was as a scorer. He quickly emerged in Utah as one of the best 6th men in the league and found a role he could shine in. Given his scoring ability, it’s a shame to see that he wasn’t even rewarded with an overall higher than 80 considering just how much he improved.

9 Anthony Davis (96)

anthony davis

In a vacuum, Anthony Davis being given a 96 overall seems great considering it’s the 5th highest in the entire league. The problem comes down to who is listed higher on the overall chart than him. Both Kawhi Leonard and James Harden sit at the #3 and #4 spots and are tied with Davis at a 96 overall. Given that Davis played a large role in the Los Angeles Lakers winning the championship, it only seems right to put him at the very least above James Harden, a player who has yet to secure a ring.

8 John Wall (83)

john wall

This will likely get the most backlash on this article considering how much people love John Wall, but an 83 overall seems a bit high for a guy who hasn’t played in 2 years. It was evident the Washington Wizards believed Wall was no longer the same player as they shipped him out in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

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If John Wall comes out and returns to form as a member of the Houston Rockets then feel free to screenshot this and post it to NBA Twitter, but until that day comes an 83 is quite kind.

7 Rudy Gobert (87)

rudy gobert

Rudy Gobert, despite playing well in the 2019-20 NBA playoffs, had a pretty rough year off the court. He ignited the NBA’s shutdown as the pandemic began and his irresponsible handling of the situation garnered him a lot of backlash. At the end of the day, he learned from it and apologized and happens to still be a 2x Defensive Player of the Year. With as much as he’s improved as a scorer, there’s no reason he should be the 9th best overall in the NBA behind players like Karl Anthony-Towns or Kristaps Porzingis.

6 Hassan Whiteside (84)

hassan whiteside

Hassan Whiteside has somehow managed to make the NBA front offices believe he is something more than a role-playing rebounder in the NBA. He’s an average at best scorer and doesn’t do much else for a team outside of rebounding and the occasional blocked shot. Both of which he’s rather inconsistent with. To put this in perspective, his 84 overall puts him 3 points behind the league’s best or second-best defensive big in Rudy Gobert. This showcases how low Gobert’s overall is and how insanely high Whiteside’s is.

5 Jimmy Butler (93)

jimmy butler

Though the Miami Heat ultimately lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, the feat of a 5th seed making it to the NBA Finals is super impressive. Jimmy Butler is a big reason why that happened and his blue-collar work harder attitude turned a young and talented crew into a tough out for some of the league’s best teams. Butler may not be as talented as those with higher overalls in NBA 2K21, but his efforts and performance should be rewarded with a top 5 overall, at least for the time being it seems.

4 Derrick Rose (81)

derrick rose

Derrick Rose happens to be the subject of one of the most uplifting and joy-inducing NBA careers the league has ever seen. Rose was once considered a future Hall of Famer, reigning MVP, and Top 5 player in the league before devastating knee injuries took that all away from him.

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He worked his tail off and fought through adversity to bring his career back from the dead. Almost every contender wants to trade for him, and though he may no longer be a superstar, an 81 overall seems a bit unfair for what he’s accomplished.

3 Jamal Murray (86)

jamal murray

Jamal Murray’s dominant playoff performance during the bubble NBA playoffs in 2020 turned the Denver Nuggets star into a household name. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have yet to make any major noise in the NBA, with the former still lacking an NBA shot. Each of them holds higher overalls in NBA 2K21 which is a bit of a shame. Murray earned a top overall in NBA 2K21 as he had one of the best stretches of playoff dominance the league has seen in the last decade or so. The Nuggets have themselves a dangerous dynamic duo.

2 Zion Williamson (86)

zion williamson

Now, we just talked about how an 86 overall for Jamal Murray felt low considered what he did in the playoffs, now let’s talk about an 86 overall that feels premature. Zion Williamson looks like a generational player who can quickly become an NBA All-Star and dominant superstar in the league. He has yet to play a full season or prove that he has the stamina and health to play tons of minutes. His 86 overall is based on hype as well as the fact the he’s the cover athlete for the next-gen console version of NBA 2K21.

1 Tyler Herro (83)

tyler herro

Some may argue that the fact that Tyler Herro has a Billboard Hit rap song with his name as the title has earned him an 83 overall at the very least. As funny as that is, he still has plenty to prove in the regular season as a consistent scorer and contributor night after night. Most NBA fans wouldn’t argue at the idea of him eventually earning and exceeding an 83 overall, but at this point in his career, it seems NBA 2K is rewarding him for his playoff performance and rising popularity as an emerging star.

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