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Glass Cleaning Lockdown

NBA 2K21 Arcade - MY PLAYER builds

Is defense a primary focus for you in NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition? If so, then you’ll love the Glass-Cleaning Lockdown. This is an archetype that is exclusive to Power Forwards and Centers. You have four sets of ratings: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. This build will get your defensive skills through the roof.

Offensive rebounding, defensive rebounding, and blocking, all max out at 95 overall. These alone are huge, especially when it comes to rebounding. Rebounding can lead to other stats such as scoring and assists. Grab the rebound and pass down the court for an assist, or you can get a mean putback opportunity on offence to score a couple of points.

Since this is a defensive-oriented archetype, you will lack shooting attributes. The highest you’ll go in three-point and mid-range shooting is 34. However, you’ll be a serviceable free-throw shooter at 52. Despite this, your finishing abilities will be great. Based on your position and size, you’ll see key attributes such as dunking, standing dunk, and close shot in the 80s or higher. So, although Glass Cleaning Lockdown focuses on defence, you’ll be able to grab plenty of points in the paint too. Lastly, you’ll be a great passer, and you’ll have 16 Finishing badge upgrades and 27 Defense/Rebounding upgrades.

Playmaking Sharpshooter

Now this one’s for the guards out there. In NBA 2K21 Arcade Editon, one great archetype for guards is the playmaking sharpshooter one. This is essentially a Stephen Curry build, and you choose the green/yellow combo from one of the archetype pie options.

This beauty gives you three-point and mid-range attributes in the 80s. It also presents pass accuracy and ball handling in the upper 80s. You can even drive to the hoop a little bit, with a dunk rating that goes up to 69 so you can throw it down.

Since this is more of an offensive build, your defence isn’t going to be all that great. However, your perimeter defence and lateral quickness ratings are pretty solid, reaching as high as the mid-70s. Considering how great your playmaking and shooting are, this is a nice little bonus. Lastly, you receive 10 Finishing badge upgrades, 22 Shooting upgrades, and 23 Playmaking ones.

The Two Way Player

So, “Two Way Player” isn’t the official name of the archetype, as it takes on a couple of different names based on your position. But, this style of play combines shooting and defence. This is a pretty strong option, especially if you’re a small forward or power forward.

You’ll have a nice balance of three-point shooting, with the rating hovering around the upper 70s and into the low 80s. The same holds true for the mid-range game as well. This is a good start, but the real meat and potatoes come from the defensive attributes.

This archetype features a very balanced attack on defence for forwards. Defensive rebounding sits at a very strong 86 rating while offensive rebounding sits at a cosy 75, making you a respectable threat on the offensive glass as well. Blocking also hangs in the 80s.

And the rest of the defensive ratings hover between the mid-60s and 80s, so you don’t need to worry too much about that side of the floor. Playmaking is also strong, with a good passing accuracy rating that usually in the mid to upper 70s. Ball handling will be in the 60s, which is really solid if you’re going power forward. The only weakness is with the finishing attributes. Nothing really stands out. However, your dunk rating is good enough for you to drive in and get those yams. Driving layup is also comfortable enough where you shouldn’t have many worries either.

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