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Three-Point Shooting

Over the years, NBA 2K has made tweaks to its shooting system, and that includes NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition on iOS. Years back, it was all about shot timing, with indicators telling you whether your shot had “Excellent” or “Poor” timing. As you can expect, Excellent gave you a great chance to make a shot.

In more recent releases, the Excellent indicator means that your shot is an automatic bucket. This has become extremely popular amongst NBA 2K fans. You’ll hear stories about players shouting “Greeeen!” when they achieve the perfect shot, knowing that the ball is going in.

And when I mean it goes in every time, it really does. There’s probably a 0.1% chance that your green release shot will miss (in 2K15, I remember actually seeing the ball rattle out on the green release. I was stunned). So, in short, shooting is more important in today’s NBA 2K than it’s ever been.

Defensive Rebounding

Rebounding as a whole is hugely important in basketball and in NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition. That being said, defensive rebounding specifically is hugely beneficial. When your team can’t grab a defensive rebound after the opposing team misses, this can lead to some easy scoring opportunities for them.

Cleaning up the glass can lead to a world of plays on the other end. This is especially delicious for your MyPLAYER. If you grab a defensive board and pass the ball down the court for a fastbreak score, you’ll get credited with an assist, which looks good on your stats sheet.

Another thing you can do is rebound the ball and bring it down the court yourself, and score. This is a great way to collect a stat while adding some points to your name too. If you’re playing online though, I’d recommend passing the ball down court to one of your teammates if they’re open.

Passing Accuracy

In the real sport of basketball, passing the ball is extremely critical to success. If teams don’t pass the ball enough, this can lead to some easy defense by the other teams. The same goes for in NBA 2K and NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition. Steady ball movement can lead to wins.

Although NBA 2K is a great series, it does have a bit of a reputation for having players not pass the ball when playing online. Unless that player is extremely good, they’ll likely get double or even triple-teamed. Good, solid passing can throw defenses off their game.

This is why passing accuracy is important. Fortunately, this rating doesn’t have to be super high to be effective either. If you’re a big man in MyCAREER, a passing accuracy rating in the mid-50s or 60s can be quite beneficial when you need to make some key passes. And if a player is a really classy passer, they can dazzle everyone with some sweet flashy passes.

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