NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7: Who is the level 40 reward?

NBA 2K21 revealed what Season 7 of its MyTeam mode will look like — and things are going full throttle.

The new season — which kicks off Friday at 9 a.m. MT — will bring an entirely new experience to MyTeam, a fantasy mode where gamers can earn specific cards of real-life basketball players and legends. Gamers can also spend real-life money on “packs” to earn players, or use in-game coins to get those players, too.

The new NBA 2K MyTeam season, which normally would last about five weeks, will last for four weeks this time around. This “Full Throttle” season will be a quick experience that leads into the real-life NBA playoffs.

So here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to find.

What’s new in Season 7?

The Spotlight Sims feature will return. Spotlight Sims includes multiple games where players can earn specific rewards. Usually, the games are placed in sets. So once you complete a set, you earn a new player. You can earn an even bigger reward from earning all the players.

To honor legend Kobe Bryant, the game will be giving out free HOF badges — which makes players better at certain things — for eight straight days (Kobe Bryant wore No. 8).

And MyTeam will open its Token Market. Throughout the year, players have been able to earn tokens and spend them on players. Now, in addition to that, players can enter the Token Market and buy packs and rewards.

Who is the Level 40 reward?

Toronto Raptors legend Vince Carter will be the ultimate reward for the season. But this time, MyTeam has added all 150,000 XP needed to win the reward on Day 1. Normally, the XP is dripped out throughout the season. This time, it’s all available from the first day so people can earn the reward as they want.

What packs are dropping Friday?

It looks like MyTeam will kick off with a Current Series three-pack — which means all the current NBA players will get new cards. The pack will be headlined by LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

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