NBA 2K announces first-ever WNBA MyPlayer Mode as fans laud the initiative

Last year, 2K added the WNBA to their stable. However, players could only play the 5v5 mode offline games with all teams. However, the game’s recent release reveals The W for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, which will the first-ever single-player career/franchise mode to be available for any women’s professional league. The new update will have the MyWNBA feature, which will allow players to lead a WNBA team (or the entire league).

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NBA 2K21 to have WNBA MyPlayer Mode

There a total of three features included in The W – MyPlayer experience, 3v3 mode and the MyWNBA franchise mode. “Being able to recognize yourself both on and off the court is incredibly important to us,” said Felicia Steenhouse, Visual Concepts’ senior producer. “The W helps us elevate women’s basketball and highlights the star power of the WNBA.”

In August, Visual Concepts’ executive producer Erick Boenisch had spoken about a WNBA MyCareer mode. However, he refused to divulge further details. While the mode has been teased now, complete information will be available when NBA 2K21 launches for Xbox Series X and PS5 in November. 

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Fans react to the NBA 2K WNBA MyPlayer Mode news

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NBA 2K21 WNBA MyPlayer Mode details

Per 2K, the MyWNBA mode is going to be completely customizable. Players will have their own league and can even skip the regular season to reach the playoffs. While games can be played online, the role-playing elements will let players play from the GM’s perspective. 

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