NBA 2K21 Fans Are Headed For A Huge Week Of Next-Gen Information

The Xbox Series X|S, the first of the next-gen consoles to release, will hit retailers on November 10 (at least what’s left of the inventory after the slew of pre-orders).

Because NBA 2K21 has been identified as a launch title, it will make its next-gen debut on Xbox before launching on the PlayStation 5 on November 12. That means there are less than two weeks before we see the upgraded version of NBA 2K21.

With several modes still left unshown, 2K fans should prepare for a slew of information between November 2-6.

MyLeague and MyGM (Likely Evolving into MyNBA)

We heard a mention of MyNBA during the gameplay preview that was revealed last week. As a major NBA 2K franchise mode fan, the mention was pretty promising. However, we don’t know much about it at this point.

We did also learn about the MyWNBA feature, which is a franchise mode for the WNBA. That feature, which is in its first year, sounds pretty layered.

Considering MyLeague and MyGM were already packed with features, MyNBA (if it is indeed an evolved amalgamation of the two modes) should be pretty deep overall.

If a good number of the empty boxes are checked, we could be looking at the NBA 2K series again distancing itself from other sports gaming franchises in this area.

Play Now Online

NBA 2K21 has to have a traditional head-to-head option in it, right? However, at this point, we haven’t heard anything about it.

I don’t expect the mention to be anything more than a paragraph or two in a blog or write-up that kind of pulls together all of the loose ends toward the close of the week. Still, we’re likely to learn something about this mode which still has a small, but hardcore niche following.


This underutilized mode hasn’t been mentioned as of yet, either. I’ve wanted 2K to allow users to go to Blacktop to play head-to-head with other users online in the same way you’re able to offline.

Perhaps that functionality will be in the next-gen version. Everything is game, right?


I don’t expect MyTeam to be drastically different considering it’s the only mode that got any real upgrades on current-gen. That said, we’ve already seen a glimpse of what appears to be a few next-gen-exclusive courts.

Even if the new courts are the extent of the next-gen newness for MyTeam, that would be fine considering everything from your current-gen exploits in the mode will transfer over.

The Mode Formerly Known As The Neighborhood

Last but not least, the biggest news drop will come when 2K unveils the environment and concept that is replacing the Neighborhood. From everything I’ve heard, the idea is massive, and will once again change the game the way the Neighborhood did when it was released in 2017 in NBA 2K18.

There are rumors the new environment is called The World, and features a much larger map for players to explore with some element of PARK affiliations returning. 2K has been especially hush-hush on this mode, but expect for it to dominate 2K Twitter once it is announced. Also, let’s just hope it works upon release.

Buckle up for a big week.

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