16 Changes to Franchise Mode NFL fans need to see

Madden 22

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With Madden 22 set for release later this summer, here are 16 changes EA Sports needs to make to Franchise Mode that will make NFL fans ecstatic.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably an NFL fan who is just as annoyed as I am at EA Sports’ lack of development in the Madden Franchise mode. The game mode got so stagnant that #FixMaddenFranchise was a trending topic throughout last summer.

It gained so much steam that EA pledged to fix franchise mode… in Madden 22. The outcries over Madden 21 only made it more apparent that changes to the game are needed — and fast.

Here are 16 changes Madden needs to add to FMode, but be sure to reach out and tell me other ideas you have on Twitter @ZachCohenFB.

Franchise Mode changes fans want in Madden 22: Nos. 1-4

1. Customizable Relocation

It took me a second to write about this because I kept daydreaming about all the fun possibilities. Relocating teams is a fun aspect of Madden franchise. Yet, every year we’re stuck choosing between the same names and logos. Sorry to any London Monarchs fans but Franchise Mode would be so much cooler with customizable relocation details.

Not only would it allow for much more creativity but it could allow you to revive defunct teams like the Canton Bulldogs or the St. Louis Gunners. But why stop there? You could even replicate another actual team. Imagine playing against the Alabama Crimson Tide twice a year… Okay, maybe I’m getting a little out of hand, but that would be the point of adding this fun, highly demanded feature.

2. Expanded Trading

*Takes a deep breath*

There’s no reason why you should only be allowed to trade three assets… period. Among countless examples, the 49ers just traded four draft picks to the Dolphins. I’ll take a page out of NBA2K (as I’ll be doing quite a bit throughout this article) and suggest separating players and draft picks.

It can add some much-needed realism to trades and can allow for mega-deals that are slowly becoming more common in the NFL. While we’re at it, Madden should also let us trade picks beyond one year in the future. If NFL teams can do it, why can’t Madden franchise managers?

3. Realistic Contract Restructures/Extensions

This is arguably the biggest headache when it comes to creating cap space. Contracts are regularly restructured or extended in the NFL, whereas Madden franchise players have to manually edit a contract’s amount/length.

Contract extensions should be an option throughout the season, while contract restructures should take place prior to free agency. It would be a more fair, realistic way of dealing with contracts and tight cap situations. As to which players are eligible for these new features, it’s reasonable to set certain limitations on eligible players based on contract length or playing experience.

One possible idea is to only allow extensions for players who are two or fewer years out of entering free agency. On the other hand, maybe restructures can only occur if a player is three or more years into their contract. Of course, players on their rookie contracts would not be eligible for restructures. Like some other suggestions on here, these features should be able to be toggled off.

4. Advanced Scouting

I can practically hear Madden franchise players rejoicing. Scouting has become such a bland practice in franchise mode. Spending points to unlock letter grades is an elementary level of scouting.

Let’s get fancy! Show players’ college stats! Give us their injury history! Were they a top recruit who failed to live up to expectations? Were they unheralded players who burst onto the scene? The possibilities with advanced scouting metrics are endless. And for anyone who enjoys the basics, give us the option to switch between basic or advanced scouting. Isn’t this every Madden GM’s dream?

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