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Those of you who are enjoying Hitman 3 Cloud Version on the Nintendo Switch system will be pleased to know that a new performance option has been given to players. This changes the frame rate from 30fps to 60fps though the resolution will be 720p. The default option of 1080p and 30fps remains. There’s also a steady aim feature which will be great for those players who love to snipe. There’s also a demo for the opening level of the game; Dubai.

Performance Mode

We’ve added a toggle to enable Performance Mode at 720p/60fps over the default option of 1080p/30fps.

Precision Fire

We’ve added the Steady Aim feature to the L button on Nintendo Switch. This allows you to improve your aim and slow time when aiming with a Sniper Rifle with the Marksman perk, especially useful for the Sniper Assassin game mode and certain Mission Stories. The in-game UI and controller maps will display this accurately.

Helpful note: It’s possible to toggle whether you hold or tap ZL in order to aim a weapon. Look for the Toggle Aim option in Options>Gameplay>Weapon Aim. Note that this won’t affect 47’s ‘aiming’ when throwing; this will still require the play to hold the button to move 47’s throwing arc.

Dubai Demo

We’ve added a new 10 minute trial available for all Nintendo Switch players, allowing them to experience the new Performance Mode on the opening level of the game; Dubai.

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