Best Power Forward (PF) Builds and Tips

For many years now, power forward has long been my position of choice when it comes to making my first (and generally most played) MyCareer player. In this year’s game, players should have plenty of potential with climbing the ranks amongst the league’s power forwards as the position is relatively shallow in players ranked in the 90s overall. If you want to make yourself a god-tier power forward capable of dominating the league, you have come to the right place.

The best way to create a highly rated player is to start with a build path that will allow you to get the most attribute points across the board. I’ve got a list of the only five power forward builds that can help you reach a higher overall rating with at least 238 total attribute points or more.

God Tier Power Forwards

Driving & Finishing – Defending Power Forward

Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness, Layups, Dunks

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

Defending – Driving & Finishing Power Forward

Top Attributes: Vertical

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

These power forward builds will allow you to be dominant at a relatively shallow position. By grinding through the early parts of your career story mode, you should find yourself in the upper 80’s overall in no time. This should easily make you a top-10 threat at the position and the potential to be an All-Star not long after that.

Strong Power Forward Options

Defending – Passing & Ball Handling Power Forward

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending – Shot Creating Power Forward

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending – Defending Power Forward

Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

These builds will really help you shut down opponents posting up or driving the lane. The ability to rise up and physically bully opponents is a valuable tool in NBA 2K19. Even if you aren’t always connecting on a block or steal attempt, your ability to leap and obstruct open shots should lead to more opponent misses.


I have built and played with power forwards a decent amount over the years. In my experience, boosting vertical, quickness and speed will put you miles ahead of the competition for easy buckets. They will have a hard time boxing you out or recovering on defense if you blow by them. Boosting vertical gives you easy opportunities for rebounds and blocks. From there, you can boost your scoring abilities to rack up the stats even more easily.

When it comes to power forward, you will probably experience the most variety amongst your opponents in terms of size. Taller players at the position usually enjoy higher defensive and rebounding capabilities, while shorter players usually have better footwork, mobility and shooting abilities. Weight can be an advantage or a detriment, so choose wisely. A large wingspan is generally seen as a plus at the position.

Power forwards start at an average height of 6’ 10”, 238 lbs, and 89.4” wingspan. The best we would usually say to go for is to go slightly above the average height to gently boost your defensive stats, then push for a heavier weight and a longer wingspan. This is because you will get a significant boost to your strength and dunking, as well as your initial charging and reach. All of this combines for a well-rounded, yet dangerous power forward.

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