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Stretch Four

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition MyPlayer archetypes

One build in recent NBA 2Ks that has been fairly popular is the Stretch Four or Five. Stretch Fives have dropped in popularity over the last couple of years due to the lack of an uber-high three-point rating. However, the power forward spot still allows you to shoot very well while having some size.

I will warn right off the bat that the rebounding rating isn’t all that great. However, having the length may help you snag more boards. And then, of course, you’ll be able to shoot from virtually anywhere. You’ll also have some slight finishing moves too, so you can score on the inside.

Not saying that you’re going to be dunking with authority, but you’ll be able to get in the paint and get some light finishes and some nice, buttery layups. You’ll also be able to space the floor nicely and keep bigs outside of the paint because they’ll need to respect your MyPLAYER’s range. In order to have a Stretch Four, choose the pie where the green slice is the biggest.

Playmaking Shot-Creator

This is one for the guards in NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition. Being a Playmaking Shot-Creator will make you a dual-threat on offense. You’ll not only be able to score, but you’ll be able to bust some ankles along the way with some dazzling handles.

Also, you’ll have great passing skills too, so you’ll be able to grab some dimes. Your shooting from three-point and mid-range will be deadly and you may have more luck shooting off the dribble. Your finishing will be pretty decent as well. It’ll be your weakest link, but you’ll still be pretty tough.

If you earn some finishing badges, it’ll make driving to the hoop a little easier. However, with the range you’ll acquire, don’t be surprised if you focus more of your energy on shots from downtown. But, if you do see an opportunity, don’t be afraid to drive in. If you can’t score, then you can take advantage of your playmaking skills.
To be a Playmaking Shot-Creator, select the pie where the yellow and green slices are the biggest.

Paint Beast

Being a Paint Beast type build is an excellent choice in NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition if you want to play more like Shaq, who was a dominant big man in his day. This is another popular choice on consoles that still applies here. This is if you want to get almost all of your points in the paint.

Yes, you’ll lack in shooting range, but with the good size and strength, you’ll be able to back down most opponents and get some points at the basket. It’s an archetype that can really be difficult to stop, depending on who your matchup is on defense.

On top of the dominant, inside scoring, you’ll be a very good rebounder and strong interior defender too. It’s an excellent, useful touch. You can be a Power Forward or Center for this build, but if you want the extra size, feel free to roll with the Center. If you want a bit more speed and explosiveness, then go with a Power Forward. The choice is yours.
In order to be a Paint Beast, select the pie where the blue and red slices are the largest.

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