NBA 2K21: How to get a Triple-Double

NBA 2K21 is always pushing you to step up your game by improving your core skills. And there’s no better motivation to get better than to unlock, say, the free Dark Matter Russell Westbrook. However, before you can start leveling up this star player, you need to know how to get triple-doubles. Here’s the basics on how triple-doubles work and what you can do to earn more of them.

How to get a Triple-Double in NBA 2K21

How to get a Triple-Double in NBA 2K21

To get a triple-double in NBA 2K21, you need to earn double digits in three of five possible stat categories: Assists, blocked shots, points, rebounds, and steals.

If you’re unclear on what these terms mean, it’s worth explaining what both double-double and triple-double refer to. A simple double-double involves reaching double digits in two separate statistical categories. For example, a player who earns at least 10 points and gets 10 different assists in a single game will earn a double-double. A triple-double is basically the same thing, except across three categories.

Thankfully, getting a triple-double is much easier to do in NBA 2K21 than in real life. The first double-double is simple, usually acquired by scoring at least 10 points and getting 10 assists. To make it a triple-double, you need to also earn a minimum of either 10 rebounds, 10 steals, or 10 blocked shots.

Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dry way to earn this. How easy or difficult the process will be depends entirely on how you play, your available badges, and which athletes you prefer. Look inward: If you’re a defensive player, try to earn at least 10 blocked shots with a badge like Rim Protector. Or, if you prefer a more aggressive style, go for 10 steals with a badge like Pick Pocket.

You’re going to need to bring your A game to get a triple-double in NBA 2K21. Getting a double-double is easy: Just earn at least 10 points and 10 assists. After that, you’ll need to get 10 more rebounds, blocked shots, or steals to earn a triple-double.

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