NBA 2K21 – How to Level Up My Team Get XP Fast


There are many ways to get cards and packs in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode.  One of the ways is by earning XP and the associated rewards for reaching level milestones in the game.  It’s NBA 2k’s version of a Battle Pass and getting XP will unlock new items at each level.  In this guide we’ll explain the best ways to earn XP fast in NBA 2K21.

How to Get XP Fast in MyTeam

You might think that getting XP would be as easy as playing any of the game modes in MyTeam, but it’s not.  To get XP in MyTeam you actually need to complete challenges.  These challenges are called Agendas and there are different agenda goals for both the current season and the life of the game.

Season Agenda

The Season Agenda has a number of different ways to earn XP fast.  These goals are mostly goals that you can sit down and unlock within a single sessions.  With things like Daily Goals, Moments, and Weekly Goals to tackle.  Simply head into the Season Agenda under the Season 1 tab on the main menu for MyTeam to view your goals.

Alongside these daily and weekly goals there are also player goals from the different packs that become available.  For example, Rip Hamilton is one of the player’s in the Clutch Packs and he has multiple challenges to complete which will require that you use a Rip Hamilton card to complete.  Completing these can give you big XP.  Of course, there are many other goals similar to this one.

The best way to go about doing this is to focus down the goals that you can get and try to complete multiple goals in one game.  While it may seem time consuming, if these goals require high points scored, assists, or other stat heavy goals a good place to do them is on the Pro difficulty Domination games.   Pick and choose your goals and you’ll start earning pretty quickly, with the rewards being things like tokens, packs, and ascension board tries.  Take these winnings and re-invest them into packs to hopefully pull players which you can use to complete further challenges. If you’re having trouble landing the players that you want via pack openings, you might want to try and purchase them outright on the Auction House.

Lifetime Agenda

The Lifetime Agendas really shouldn’t be focused on if you’re trying to get XP fast.  Most of the challenges in the Lifetime section of Agendas are going to take you quite some time to complete.  These include doing things like earning 100’s of stars in Domination, completing collections, and more.

The Bottom Line Fastest Way to Earn XP

There really aren’t any shortcuts to earning XP.  What you want to do is limit the number of replays that you need to do by failing challenges in long games.  Playing on the Pro skill level in Domination can make it very easy to get points, rebounds, assists, or other stat requirements. However some small requirements can also be done in a much shorter game like Offline Triple Threat.  It really depends on the challenge you are trying to complete for which mode you want to play.  Some challenges will require that you play in a specific mode to complete them.

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