What are Mayors? Park Affiliations return with next-gen’s The City

NBA 2K21 comes out on PS5 and Xbox Series X soon, and 2K have announced an MMORPG-like mode named The City. This mode seems poised to be the big upgrade for next-gen systems away from improved graphics, and the free roaming landscape and mode will include a bunch of aspects from tributes to Kobe Bryant and advertising for sportswear brands, to the return of Park Affiliations with Mayors. Here you’ll discover everything you must know about Mayors and the return of Park Affiliations.

Know that you will only get a free upgrade for NBA 2K21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X if you purchased the Mamba Forever Edition. If you didn’t purchase the copy, you will – unfortunately – need to buy the next-gen version of the basketball series at its standard price.

Whether you’re owed a free upgrade or are simply buying the next-gen version anew, below you’ll discover everything you must know about Mayors and the return of Park Affiliations.

NBA 2K21 – Announcement Trailer | PS5



NBA 2K21 – Announcement Trailer | PS5




NBA 2K21 Park Affiliations

Park Affiliations will return in NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles via The City.

The game’s official website says that the return of Park Affiliations is bigger and that next-gen consoles have allowed the team to finally realise their ultimate vision for the feature.

There will be four in The City:

  • North Side Knights
  • South City Vipers
  • Beasts of the East
  • Western Wildcats

When it comes to the return of Affiliations in a City as opposed to Park, newly introduced Mayors will play a key role.

What are Mayors in NBA 2K21?

Mayors in NBA 2K21 will represent each Affiliation in The City on next-gen platforms.

The NBA 2K21 Mayors will be influencers from social media, and the following are confirmed for each Affiliation in The City:

  • Troydan – Western Wildcats
  • Tyceno – Beasts of the East
  • Simply Grinding – North Side Knights
  • ShakeDown – South City Vipers

As for what these Mayors do, they will be responsible for the music playlists that play through their Affiliation’s region of The City. So you better hope your leader has good taste.

They will also have responsibility for designing courts for their borough, and they will also design the uniform that sets their Affiliation apart from others.

There will also be in-game polls and messaging via The City’s menu system, and Mayors will create videos that will appear on the jumbotrons in the court areas.

Know that Mayors aren’t permanent as every six weeks there will be an election week in NBA 2K21 where members of the Affiliation community will get to decide who becomes the next Mayor.

Check out the official blog post on NBA 2K website for everything about The City.

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