30 slang terms every player should know

NBA 2K is the most popular basketball simulation series ever made, released faithfully each year since 1999. The game has developed a large community and like most communities, slang specific to these titles has become common speak for players who take their skills online and interact with other competitors. 2K content creators like Agent 00 help facilitate and circulate slang to keep players’ language consistent all around the world.

“People in the community are just going to continuously make up words to describe the experience of playing the game,” said Agent 00.

“Shooting all whites didn’t exist before there was a shot meter that was white. So we needed a way to describe the experience of getting a full white or a full bar and that was just the best way to do it.”

Born and raised in Toronto and on 2K, Agent 00 made a name for himself as a skilled shooter, making gameplay videos in prominent game modes like Pro-Am and Park. After establishing himself as a popular personality in the 2K community his staple YouTube channel, which has 1.65 million subscribers, has become dedicated to fun casual content and covering the game as a whole, giving commentary on what’s going on in the world of NBA 2K.

We had a chance to collaborate with Agent 00 on this list and get some insight into where he believes slang comes from and how it’s evolved over the years.

Usually what happens is a bunch of people come up with their own terms, but then as the months go on there will be one that ascends as the most popular one and then that’s just the one that everybody adopts.

Here are 30 terms you’ll hear from frequent players. Some are things you may say during gameplay, while others are names you call certain people depending on how they play the game.

When the game is screwing you over. It’s not your fault it’s the game so you yell 2K! People also yell out Ronald! or Ronnie! in reference to the head developer Ronnie2K begging him to fix the game so it plays right.

These players are new to the park and are easy to spot since they wear the default brown shirt that you get when you first enter the game. These players have a low overall/rep and can usually be found near the no squad court in the park since they can’t get kicked off for being noobs.

When someone won’t miss. Greens every shot they take. A player that is super easy to shoot with is known as a chicken man.

People who make the pure defender who strictly enjoys playing defence and frustrating the opposition so they can’t get any open shots.

Opposing player or team that keeps running back and lining up for a rematch after you or your squad beat them. You have to beat them many times in order for them to turn off their console and stop rematching you.

When you get broken down on defence. Someone came at you and you had no answer for them. Left you fried like a piece of bacon.

These shooting defenders wait just behind the arc for a pass so they can make a three. They won’t dribble or bring any off-ball movement to the game, their sole purpose is to space the floor and make threes.

When someone spams the Pro 2 Escape to try and get an open shot, it’s used at least 50 times a possession.

A high difficulty pass that results in an easy bucket. This sort of pass can make a defender think they have an interception when it actually blows right by them reaching your now wide-open teammate.

This player loves to show off their moves and refuse to put up quick shots. Will risk a shot clock violation just to activate an ankle break animation on an opposing player.

When you think you hit a good shot expecting a bucket, but you’re landing on white. Also known as a full bar.

People who use the glitches in the game to make themselves unguardable. Popular practice amongst the dribble god community.

When you shoot a perfect release. You yell green because you know your shot meter is going to light up green and the ball’s going in.

When you horribly mistime your release and blow the shot. Also known as a half bar.

When you shoot from the hash at the back of the three point line. Similar to a logo shot. This is slang specific to Agent 00’s channel since he calls himself a hash sitter.

When you can’t believe your opponent made a tough shot. You might even follow up by saying “they’re not that good”.

When someone makes a lot of rebounds or especially difficult rebounds. “Big man’s a horse we’ve been getting five shots each possession.”

This term is used for pretty much anything, whether it’s good or bad. When you can’t believe you missed or someone makes a great shot, it can be used multiple ways.

When the servers are slow when you’re trying to play online. A teammate or an opponent can also be really bad and they’ll swear it’s because their game is lagging.

Someone who never takes responsibility for their bad playing, it’s always someone else’s fault. These people scream “2K” and “I’m lagging” more than anyone.

This person only plays against the AI in the NBA. So even though they have a high overall from beating the computer so many times, it doesn’t match their level of skill because they don’t know how to play in a game against a real opponent.

These are mature gamers that play an old-school brand of basketball, aka Slashers that rim run every possession. They aren’t too concerned with customizing their MyPlayer. Usually, they just wear jeans and a black T-shirt, maybe some Timbs.

When the opposing team runs five out and you’re forced to guard man to man and the one stuck guarding the best scorer is about to get cooked. You’ll say they’re “on an island” because no one is coming to help them.

A big man who never leaves the paint. They don’t play defence; they strictly stick to protecting the rim. Always sells when matched up against stretch bigs that can shoot threes.

Anytime there’s a patch that changes the game, unknown players will emerge and start getting lots of W’s, but when it changes again those players fall off quickly so you’ll call them patch made.

Someone who loses their cool too easy so they bail on you mid-game instead of trying to make a comeback and leave you with a terrible AI replacement.

Someone who drives every single time they get the ball to get the fastest bucket possible with no regard for theirs or anyone else’s safety.

A guard who isn’t that good at dribbling, so they just play with a huge screen setter, relying on this big to get them open shots.

A player that’s not meeting expectations. Constantly missing shots, turning over the ball and making terrible plays. You can also say someone sells, is selling or they sold.

Also known as a Comp Player, these tryhards put VC on the line when they play games. It’s best to avoid them, but they’re commonly found at Ante Up.

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