Possible MyTeam Changes, Next Gen Gameplay, Cover Athlete Predictions & more

NBA 2K22 is still a handful of months away, but that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait that long to enjoy the first NBA 2K22 trailer.

As the excitement starts to ramp up towards release, here’s everything we know about the NBA 2K22 trailers and when we can expect them to be released.

Latest: Possible MyTeam changes

Although NBA 2K22’s release is still pretty far down the road, there’s already lots of anticipation about how the game could improve from NBA 2K21.

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NBA 2K22 will likely focus on MyTeam, which is still rolling with Glitched Reality in NBA 2K21.

It could be general upgrades or MyPLAYER combining with MyTeam, but either way NBA 2K22’s MyTeam should look different this year.

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NBA 2K22 Reveal Trailer

The first major NBA 2K22 trailer we expect to see is the official reveal trailer.

Damian Lillard was shown in the first 2k21 reveal.

Last year, the official trailer landed on Thursday, June 11, 2020, so we can likely expect the official reveal trailer for NBA 2K22 to be released close to Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Other trailers should follow, such as last year when we saw trailers for the cover athlete and gameplay in the weeks after the official reveal trailer.

Gameplay Trailer

We could see a unique gameplay trailer for NBA 2K22 this year. NBA 2K21 released its gameplay trailer almost 2 months after the reveal trailer.

Like last year, there should be a gameplay trailer for both current and next gen platforms.

We may also get to look ahead at other modes with trailers for MyPLAYER or MyTeam, but only time will tell.

Next Gen Gameplay Trailer

Last year, 2K didn’t drop a Next Gen gameplay trailer for NBA 2K21 until October 6, 2020.

Since it’s been another year with Next Gen consoles, it feels more likely the Next Gen trailer could drop earlier.

Exactly how NBA 2K22 continues to capitalize on and utilize Next Gen technology remains to be seen, but a Next Gen trailer will surely have great insight into that. This should be especially exciting as it relates to Next Gen gameplay.

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Cover Athlete Announcement Trailer

NBA 2K22 is likely to have different cover athletes for current and Next Gen platforms. The second trailer that was revealed for NBA 2K21 focused on Damian Lillard, who was chosen as the NBA 2K21 cover athlete for current generation platforms. The next day, another trailer revealed Zion Williamson was going to be the Next Gen cover athlete.

Last year 2K released the current generation cover athlete trailer on June 30, 2020. We can probably expect a NBA 2K22 cover athlete announcement and trailer around June 29, 2021.

There is already speculation on who might get the nod as cover athlete this year. The current favorite is Luka Doncic, but Nikola Jokic and Bradley Beal are also rumored to be in the running.

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