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The Hawks Talon GC’s NBA2K League season begins soon and features more anticipation thanks to a new addition, its state-of-the-art Gaming House inside State Farm Arena.

The Atlanta Hawks’ NBA2K team kicks off the season Thursday with a Tipoff Tournament, followed by the regular season opener May 27.

Ahead of the season, Hawks Talon GC manager and head coach Wesley Acuff spoke with the Daily Post’s Jack Leo.

JL: Let’s just start off real general here. So, how are we feeling about the new season coming up?

WA: Feeling good, man. Just excited. We made a lot of improvements and now we’ve got to build some chemistry, but I’m definitely excited.

JL: Awesome. How about the Gaming House, is it everything you were dreaming it would be?

WA: It is. It came to life and actually, it exceeded my expectations. We end up putting a lot of work in it here. … Shout out to everyone on the team that played a part in it. It’s cool, it’s comfortable, it’s fun and obviously a great space for us to take care of business. We got some fun stuff in here: ping pong tables, a nice layout for eating and space. It’s just good — it’s a good spot for us to hang out at.

JL: Going from playing in your houses apart from each other due to COVID-19 to playing in the same room now, how much will that help y’all this year?

WA: I think that should play a big part to be honest. It’s quicker communication, able to feed off of each other’s energy, celebrate together. So, we can communicate and fix things quicker and also the bonding that can go on being around each other. … I’m looking forward to it.

JL: What do you think this new facility says about the state of the program?

WA: I think it’s a great statement from the organization. We are definitely invested, we definitely believe in the industry of e-sports, and that starts with Hawks Talon GC showing that we believe in our organization, in this team and in the future of the NBA2K League and just e-sports in general. I think it’s a big statement to show that we’re one of the organizations that want to be very instrumental in the growth of the entire movement.

JL: How do you think the team will benefit the most from the Gaming House?

WA: A lot of the reasons that I said earlier. First of all, it affords them access to just to come in here and practice individually and as a team and put in as much work as they want, but also just creating that atmosphere where they can bond and have fun together and have something to be proud of being inside a space that belongs to them. I think it just adds that level of being official and having something to own. I think from there, the guys will love to promote that stuff because it’s there and it gives them some ownership.

JL: What would you say is next for Hawks Talon Gaming right now as we get closer to the start of the season?

WA: Well, right now, we’re focused on getting some wins. Our tournament tips off in a few short days, so trying to build some chemistry and get things in order so we can get out here and get some Ws. That obviously makes everything better and from there, we’ll focus on more content. We’ve got some creative ideas. … some features, some shows, digital shows, continuing our talent takeover series as well. So, just being more present in that space, but obviously, we’ve got to go out here and make a name in the league first and make the right steps to being one of the winning organizations in the league as well.

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