NBA 2K21 Patch Notes; Shooting Hotfix and more issues covered

NBA 2K series is widely popular amongst players. Fans get to be in the actual NBA players’ shoes and ball like their icons in the court. NBA 2K21 is the latest edition to the franchise. It hasn’t been one of the best launches for NBA 2K21 as it is plagued with bugs and issues that are getting the players annoyed. Fortunately, the gameplay mechanics aren’t facing any issues, as it was picked up straight from its predecessor NBA 2K20. NBA 2K21 plans to remedy these bugs and issues with an update.

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NBA 2K21 Update, Hotfix

Players of NBA 2K21 were surprised when they started the game, as their old handy shooting meter had been replaced with a new one that had been changed drastically. The new shot meter was a mix of aiming and timing and these changes were made by NBA 2K21 to create a bigger skill difference between the players. instead, it just ended up annoying its fans and players, with them wanting the old traditional shot meter back. This has been one of the major concerns of the players with the game.

This issue was brought to 2K’s notice and they were prompt to provide a solution for it with a shooting hotfix. NBA 2K21 addressed this issue in an official tweet stating, “2K21 shooting hotfix will hit tomorrow 9/6 for Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulty levels Shooting stays the same on higher difficulties and Neighborhood Hope this helps the newcomers. Keep the feedback coming!”. So players can have their handy old shooting meter back for some game modes at least.

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NBA 2K21 Patch Notes

Other than the Shooting Hotfix, NBA 2K21 hasn’t been very open about what other changes the players will get with the NBA 2K21 update. NBA 2K21 hasn’t given any clarity as to what bug fixes are going to take place or which glitches will be patched. They have just mentioned ‘stability and experience fixes’ under patch notes for the NBA 2K21 update. There are two issues that players are having the most difficulty with and wanted to be resolved at the latest. These issues have been mentioned below-

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  • VC purchasing: VC is the currency used in NBA 2K. VC can be purchased from the store with real money. Players are facing an issue where their money from the bank accounts has been deducted, but the change in VC hasn’t been reflected in the game, which can be a worrisome issue for players.
  • Server issues: People are facing a lot of issues with 2Ks servers, which is bound to happen as the server is overloaded with players that have joined the game which is a common occurrence. 2K should have calculated the traffic they were going to receive on the servers beforehand to avoid this issue. Hopefully, this issue gets resolved in the NBA 2K21 update.

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