This Week’s Free EGS Game Is For Sports Fans, Grab NBA 2K21 For Free!

Alright basketball fans. If you haven’t already thrown down for a copy of NBA 2K21 (Or maybe you have a console version and wouldn’t mind having a PC copy…), now’s the time to get your game on. Yeah, last week’s “Mystery Game”, this is it.

I’m not going to go into detail describing the game. If you’re a sports game fan, you knw what NBA 2K21 is. What I will tell you is that you get the full $60 game for free — so long as you get it before next Thursday and it’s replaced by whatever the new “Mystery Game” is. I’ll also note that unlike a lot of games on the EGS, this one requires players to agree to a third party EULA from Take Two. Details on that are available in the description on the game page.

Also, there are no DLC options, but plenty of options for buying the virtual currency, if that’s something you want to throw cash at.

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