What is the Mystery Game? Leaks explained for May 20th freebie

The Epic Games Store gives away lots of freebies, and it’s been revealed how much Epic has paid for each free game on its store up to September 2019. While the current freebie is the Lion’s Song, lots of people are asking: what is the Epic Games Store Mystery Game coming out on May 20th? Here you’ll find an explanation of the latest leaks concerning the Mystery Game.

Although there is division between the storefront and those on Steam, Epic have said that they believe EGS will make up 35-50% of the PC gaming market by 2024. While this would be bad news for fans of the Steam and the PC gaming market overall, it’s easy to see how the EGS is aiming for said domination what with all the controversial exclusive contracts whether timed or permanent.

However, away from the above, below you’ll find the latest leak for what the Epic Games Store Mystery Game will be.

NBA 2K21 – Next-Gen Game Reveal Trailer | PS5



NBA 2K21 – Next-Gen Game Reveal Trailer | PS5






What is the next free Epic Game?

The next free Epic Games Store title is a Mystery Game that will be revealed on May 20th.

This next free Epic Game will be revealed at 16:00 BST and will replace The Lion’s Song.

Although it’s not a heavy-hitter by name, The Lion’s Song is a narrative adventure game that is still worth picking up before it is replaced.

It has a beautiful art style with a unique colour palette, and it explores the bane of creativity and inspiration amongst artists and scientists in early 20th century.

There are four episodes overall, and it’s definitely worth a gander for PC consumers of the EGS.

What is the Epic Games Store Mystery Game?

A leak says that the Epic Games Store Mystery Game for May 20th is NBA 2K21.

It’s not confirmed that NBA 2K21 is the Epic Games Store Mystery Game, but a leak comes from a usually reliable leaker for Fortnite.

Although Hypex is often reliable when it comes to Fortnite leaks, know that NBA 2K21 is not official and thus its inclusion should not be treated as gospel.

Take-Two Interactive have offered games for free on EGS before such as GTA V, and a Reddit post says that this leak could be accurate seeing as there is a Fortnite and NBA crossover happening.

We will update this piece when the Mystery Game is officially announced.

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