How To Fix NBA 2K Error Code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C?

The latest update for NBA 2K21 was released recently for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, just after the update arrived, several gamers started facing NBA 2K error code 4B538E50 on their devices.

The latest update, which had begun rolling out on May 20 for previous generation consoles, seems to be the reason behind this error.

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NBA 2K21 – Next-Gen Game Reveal Trailer | PS5



NBA 2K21 – Next-Gen Game Reveal Trailer | PS5





If you are also among those who have been facing NBA 2K error code 4B538E50, go through the following steps to fix the error. There are multiple methods mentioned below, so try all of them in the given order until the error is resolved.

6 Methods To Fix NBA 2K error code 4B538E50

1. Make sure you have the latest data downloaded

This is the most common reason behind error code 4B538E50 in NBA 2K21 but it is also the easiest one to fix.

So check if there is any latest download available for the game. Ideally, the game perform this check automatically when you restart the game, but you’d have to wait for the download to be complete. You can play in Play Now mode during this and a prompt, like the one mentioned earlier, will let you know when it is installed.

On download completion, you’ll be prompted to return to the game’s main menu so the update can be installed. After that, you should be able to play without any issues.

2. Resend account email confirmation

If the previous method doesn’t work, then you’d have to resend your account email confirmation again. For that, you’ll have to:

You can head to the , attempt to sign in, and re-enter your MyPlayer account name and password.

  • Visit NBA 2K website
  • Click “Sign In” at the top-right of the screen
  • Enter your MyPlayer account name and password

A successful login would signify automatic verification of your account.

3. Check the number of NBA 2K accounts registered on your console

You cannot have more than 5 NBA 2K accounts on a console. Exceeding this limit can create NBA 2K error code 4B538E50.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround this limitation so you will have to use one of the first five NBA 2K accounts to fix this issue.

4. Software blocking your connection to the server

For this, refer to the detailed steps mentioned on the NBA 2K support page.

5. Check the reserved space on your hard drive

There is a reserved space on your hard drive that’s dedicated to storing updates and patches. Games like NBA 2K make use of this feature quite often.

If this reserved space gets deleted, the game will try to re-create it whenever it is launched next. However, if this process gets interrupted or cancelled in between, it could lead to issues like error code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C in NBA 2K21.

So make sure that you do not delete a game’s reserved space on your hard drive.

5. Your data could be out of sync

Sometimes, the downloaded files appear missing due to data not being synced properly. This is quite possible if you’ve deleted your Reserve Space (as mentioned above).

To fix this issue, please select the “Play Now” option and wait on the same screen until you receive an update message. Now, it could take quite a long time (possibly hours) for the update message to appear depending on where you are in the syncing process.

Upon receiving the message, you will be asked navigate to the main menu. Once you do that, a loading screen will appear causing the update to take effect. Once the update is installed, you will automatically be brought to the main menu.

6. Fixing NBA 2K error code 4B538E50 on Nintendo Switch or PC

Those who encounter this error on Nintendo Switch or PC can refer to the steps mentioned here to fix the same.

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