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Try Driving to the Hoop Early On

In NBA 2K20, the three-point shooting can be slightly tricky early on. It might be good to start off (at least for one game or two) by getting your points in the paint. Find the big man on the interior and score with him, or drive to the basket yourself instead of firing a three.

This also kind of depends on what team you’re using. If you’re playing with a team like the Golden State Warriors, then you’ll have an easier time knocking down threes with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (who’s healthy in the game).

But with that being said, if you have the chance to make your way to the hoop, then this may be the safe way to play offense at first. Once you start to get comfortable with your jump shot timing, then you can definitely try and fire away from downtown.

Move The Ball Around

If you’re new to the mobile NBA 2K experience, then it’s good to try and pass the ball around a bit before firing off a shot. This seems obvious, but many times, gamers will tend to try and score with just one specific player and hardly pass the ball.

Kind of going along with what we talked about in the last slide, if you have a good, solid big man on your team, and if he’s in the paint, then feel free to dish him the rock. From there, attempt a smooth inside shot and if the matchup if weaker, then you should have a pretty easy bucket.

After a while, once you get used to the controls, then you might want to run isolation with your best players if you feel it’s necessary. But in the meantime, try and have fun and get creative passing the ball around, and see what nice plays you end up creating.

Take Advantage of Auto-Defend

One nice thing that comes in handy when playing NBA 2K20 on mobile is that auto-defend button that’s on your screen during games. You can defend on your own, using the on-screen analog stick as well. That said, if you’re struggling with guarding players, the auto-defend is the way to go. 

It’s not perfect by any means, but it certainly gets the job done when you just want to stay in front of your man on defense. Be careful when holding it down on the interior though, as sometimes the player will stand in the paint, and if you stand too long, you get a violation. 

Also, definitely try to go for some swipes at the ball when the time is right. All you need to do is quickly slide your thumb or finger towards the steal button and then bring it back to auto-defend. For a game that seems sophisticated at times on mobile, this is an excellent way to help you on the defensive side of the ball which is not always easy. 


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