NBA 2K21: 10 Pro Tips For MyCareer

The MyCareer mode in any NBA 2K game is one of the few things that actually gets somewhat changed in each release year. It is also one of the things most fans of the franchise are most excited about when getting a new copy of this sports game. This experience is also present in NBA 2K21It is undeniable how fun it can be once the player starts dominating the court.

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This is ultimately the goal every player should strive for. They need to make their player as skilled and powerful as they can be so they can win championships and go against the likes of Lebron James and Stephen Curry. Those who don’t know where to begin should take note of these pro-tips so they can eventually rise through the rankings and become the best NBA player in history—or at least, in the game.

10 Learn The New Mechanics First

Practice Taking Shots

One of the newer implementations brought about by NBA 2K21 is the new shooting mechanic. If the player has played previous NBA 2K games and they want to dominate this game’s MyCareer mode, they should familiarize themselves with the new mechanic first.

The main change with the shooting of NBA 2K21 is the shot meter. Instead of waiting for the bar to fill, there’s a specific space the player needs to let go of the shot stick or button for the perfect release. This space will vary depending on where the player is on the court, which makes it just a tad bit more realistic.

9 Play The Prologue

NBA 2K21 Screenshot

The story of the prologue of NBA 2K21‘s MyCareer is neither beneficial nor detrimental to the player’s overall experience as they’re going through this mode. Knowing the player’s backstory isn’t much, but it adds a bit of immersion to those who want it.

The main benefits of completing the prologue are more VC earnings per game and badges. If the player completes the prologue instead of jumping right into the season, they’ll earn 33% more VCs per game, which adds up in the end. They’ll also have a head start with badges, which are highly necessary for MyCareer.

8 Spending Money Is Not Necessary


It is completely doable to dominate in MyCareer without having to spend a single dime towards the game’s microtransaction system. For those who have enough money to spare and they want to spend on VCs, that’s completely their prerogative. However, the player should know that it’s not an absolute essential.

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The player can just play the game leisurely and they’ll find enjoyment and eventually become a player to be reckoned with as they progress through the season.

7 Learn To Run Plays

Dribbling In Game

The main essence of sports such as basketball and the like is teamwork. This essence is also ever-present in NBA 2K21’s MyCareer mode. If the player wants to excel in MyCareer mode, they can’t rely on isolation plays, especially early on in the game.

The player’s character will have a very low rating at the beginning of MyCareer, which means they will be dominated during isolation plays. They should act as a part of the team, know their position, and run plays. This also ensures the player will receive a high Teammate Grade at the end of the game.

6 Know Your Position

nba 2k21 arcade edition

This may go without saying, but it is very important for a player to know their position and play that position well. A point guard should act as a point guard and a center should act as a center. Not only will this win games but it will also increase the player’s Teammate Grade.

This is also one of the aspects that ultimately make MyCareer mode so much fun. If the player plays their role, they’ll really begin to feel as if they’re part of an actual NBA team, playing with other NBA stars.

5 Spend VCs Appropriately

Taking Clean Shots

VC, or Virtual Currency, is the main monetary system that the player earns and spends in various NBA game modes. The same thing goes for MyCareer mode. The player will earn more and more of this as they progress through the season.

Being the best player in this mode can rely on the player’s ability to spend their VCs appropriately. They should allocate points according to their position and build. If they want to be slashers, they should spend VCs on driving, lay-ups, and dunks. If they want to be shooters, they should spend their VCs appropriately.

4 Take Advantage Of Fast Breaks

NBA2k21 In Game

Fast breaks are a player’s best friend when playing MyCareer mode. Fast breaks are guaranteed points, which also guarantees a higher player score by the end of the game.

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This applies to every position. Whether they’re the scorer or just responsible for the assist, both of these will bump up a player’s score greatly. When there’s an opportunity, the player should always take advantage of fast breaks.

3 The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

NBA 2K21 gameplay image

Basketball is not just a game of offense, it’s also a very defensive game. If the player wants to dominate MyCareer mode, they should be as good a defensive player as they are an offensive player.

This means guarding, stealing, and blocking shots. Stealing and blocking may be harder to do, but the game will reward the player if they are done successfully.

2 Badges Are Very Essential

nba 2k21 best fishing badges

Badges can seem a tad overwhelming to new players, but this is an aspect of the game they should be familiar with if they want to maximize their player’s skills. Each build requires a certain set of badges. There are a handful of badges in NBA 2K21. The best way to go about it is to read each badge’s description to see if it matches the player’s play style.

For example, shooters should go for shooting badges. Big men should opt for defense and rebounding badges. Some badges are more integral than others, so they should keep that in mind as well.

1 Avoid Simulating Games

NBA 2k21 David Aldridge

There are a total of 82 regular-season games before the player’s team heads right up to the playoffs. That’s a lot of games. There’s also an option to simulate games, which can be very tempting to do. However, if the player wants to earn as many VCs as they can, they should avoid this option.

The game has a very unpredictable way of simulating games. The player’s team will either horribly lose to blatantly less capable teams. They will also miss out on the VCs they should have earned. The best option is to play the game at a leisure pace, go through the season slowly but surely, and make it to the playoffs. Of course, simulating one or two games won’t hurt the player’s chances, but doing so more than that is not advisable.

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