NBA 2K21: 10 Pro Tips For MyTeam

The gameplay of NBA 2K21 will feel very familiar for those who have played the previous NBA 2K games. While it’s always fun to play sports games as one’s favorite team, play against friends while sitting comfortably on the couch, or against other NBA fans online, another thrill this series brings to the table is the MyTEAM mode.

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MyTEAM mode allows players to build their dream team and compete with other players online. This entire process can be a roller coaster. The initial idea may seem very simple, but as soon as the player steps into the online world and compete with other players, they’ll immediately realize that there’s more to this mode than meets the eye. With that in mind, those who want to excel in MyTEAM need to learn a couple of pro-tips first.

10 Spending Money Is Unnecessary


First of all, every player needs to know they don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to excel in MyTEAM. This is where grinding comes in. Even though a lot of players online do spend money, any player can beat them with the right amount of grinding and skill.

This process may be more daunting, but it is also more gratifying. The player will be able to slowly, personally experience the fruits of their labor.

9 Choose A Big Man Starter

nba 2k21 best fishing badges

At the beginning of the mode, the player will be given the chance to pick a starter player. All in all, the player don’t need to worry about this greatly since they’ll just have access to more players down the line. However, the best advice the player can heed here is to just pick Shaquille O’neal.

The reason for this is very simple—a-list big men don’t usually come around that commonly early on in this mode. The player will have a better chance of coming across quality guards.

8 Don’t Go Online Yet

NBA 2k21 Mycareer Junior

It may be tempting to head online right away to play with other players, but chances are, the player will only encounter teams who have already poured hours, perhaps even dollars into the game. They shouldn’t do this first. Their teams will have silver and gold players, which makes it more difficult to defeat them.

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Ideally, the player shouldn’t head online for at least the first week of getting into MyTEAM mode. Head to the Single Player panel first and work your way up before heading online.

7 Do Triple Threat

NBA 2K21 beach park

Triple Threats are, as the name implies, 3-on-3 games that grant players rewards as they win them. There’s a single-player and a multiplayer mode for this. Those who are just starting out should opt for the single-player mode first.

The Triple Threat mode is a very decent way of mastering both the fundamentals and the most advanced mechanics of the game. The player should treat this mode as their “practice” sessions. All the while, the player will also receive hefty rewards for completing them.

6 Do Domination

NBA 2K21 Screenshot

The Domination mode will have the player play 5-on-5 games with the CPU or with other players online. On top of giving the player the core experience of NBA 2K, the Domination mode is also a very good way of earning MTs and getting a string of players to start with.

While playing the Domination mode, the player should always keep in mind to meet the MT requirements so they’ll be rewarded for the game. The player will need at least 10 free throws and 5 3-pointers to reach the requirement.

5 Complete Challenges

Taking Clean Shots

If the player ever gets tired or bored with the Triple Threat and Domination modes before going multiplayer, they can also turn to the Challenges for very generous rewards.

The player should keep in mind, though, that a lot of the challenges aren’t very easy to complete. They will require specific requirements which aren’t very straightforward, but the rewards, in the end, make them very worthwhile.

4 The Auction House

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The Auction House is a very good place to both earn MTs and get player cards, badges, and virtually everything else necessary for MyTEAM at a decent price.

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The player shouldn’t be afraid to sell cards at a higher price than they sell for. They should keep their Auction House full, and wait for the MTs to start pouring in. Whenever the player needs cards and badges, this is the place they can turn to.

3 Explore Playbooks

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As the player pours more hours into the game, they’ll soon realize the value of playing using playbooks rather than just going in blind. This is even more essential in MyTEAM where everything is as customizable as it can be.

Some of the best playbooks the player can go for are Pelicans, Knicks, Bucks, Mavericks, and Magic. These are just playbooks the player can explore first. At the end of the day, they should just explore and find those that fit their play style.

2 Finally Going Online

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Once the player starts feeling confident with their line-up, skill, cards, and everything else in between, they can finally start playing multiplayer games to clash with other players online.

Multiplayer games often have the best rewards and are virtually the meat of the experience of MyTEAM mode. They can also play unranked matches with their friends online. The experience, however, can vary from game to game. Other players are going to be as skilled as they can be, while others are just rookies to the genre. Whatever the case, the player needs to be prepared before jumping into this.

1 Jump Back And Forth Between Single-Player And Multiplayer

nba 2k21 arcade edition

As fun as the multiplayer aspect of MyTEAM can be, it can be overwhelming in some cases. Whenever this happens, the player shouldn’t shy away from going back to the single-player modes to grind away.

At the end of it all, the player will find themselves jumping back and forth from single-player mode to multiplayer. It’s one of the best ways to improve without getting stuck behind major roadblocks.

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