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The latest leak may have revealed the mystery game that Epic Games Store has been hinting at for a few days.

The mystery game will be unlocked when the Epic Games Store adds a new free title. The game in question is NBA 2K21, as per HypeX, a well-known industry insider. Furthermore, HypeX claims that on May 20, “FREE: The MEGA Sale Vault is Open.”

If the leak is to be believed, NBA 2K21 will be up for grabs until the 27th of May from the Epic Games Store.

It’s worth mentioning that Epic Games Store’s previous free “mystery game” is GTA 5. Because of the large number of downloads, the store was momentarily down.

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The game “The Lion’s Song” is currently available for free download. It’s a solid game, but it’s not as popular as NBA 2K21. For those unfamiliar, “The Lion’s Song” is a historical adventure game set in the early twentieth century.

The Lion’s Song

According to Epic Games, the game follows a group of Austrian artists and researchers, with every episode focusing on their personal troubles with originality and imagination.

In “The Lion’s Song,” each persona has a mind that is unrivaled. A gifted composer struggling from writer’s block until her breakout concert, an up-and-coming artist thriving through his issues, and a genius mathematician attempting to make her views heard in a men’s world.

The game immerses gamers in a story about the lifelong journey for imagination, genuine relationships, and inspiration.

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