NBA 2k20 Shooting tips: How to get the maximum out of your shooting in NBA 2k20

With the NBA2k21 on the horizon let’s take a look at the NBA 2k20 shooting tips that will help you excel at the game like no other. 

No matter how Curry-ish you were with the shooting mechanics, you’re gonna need to learn how to shoot from scratch with NBA 2K20.

Apparently that’s not something to frown upon. The 2K team has been tinkering with the shooting mechanics from last four years and this time they have made the best version of it. It’s more silk and smooth , and actually very realistic.

With a host of new changes and introduction of the WNBA mode , this version of the game has been the best ever. The My Career mode is more competitive and the legend interaction during the training keeps you motivated to “Go to Practice” before every game. Though the shooting mechanics were terrible in 2K18 , this time even the shot functionality uncannily mimics real player performance.

How to Shoot Better in NBA 2k20

So, while we focus on the mechanics, our focus would be more on how to do it on PS4 where to put the ball in the basket, hold and release the Square button on PS4 which is same as X button on Xbox One, or pull back and release the right thumbstick.

NBA 2k20 Shot Meter

You’ll see a Shot Meter next to your player, at the arm or below your player, and you’ll want to fill it up until it’s flashing green before releasing. That doesn’t mean you won’t sink the ball if you don’t go ‘green’. Ultimately, the fuller the bar, the more your chances though sometimes it sinks once in a while if you release early.

If you’re only interested in posterising and playing at the dunk spot, the Shot Meter won’t appear for dunks. As a rule, run into the paint and tap the right thumbstick or hold down the correct button at the basket.

The takeover meter would increase and you would know if you are on fire or getting cold,  thanks to snowflake and fire icons based on how many shots in a row you’ve sunk or failed to.

There’s also a twist and uniqueness when it comes to free throws if you’re the Away team, as the crowd will stomp the floor and rumble your controller, making it harder to fill the bar before releasing and with vibration on your console on you would have a different feel of it.

NBA 2k20 Shot Mechanics

Now, it’s important to understand how the shooting mechanics has evolved.

Pre 2K18, your shot accuracy was based on your Stamina Bar (which measured the amount of time you held the ‘shoot’ button or thumbstick). In 2K18 it got removed right out, and added a smaller Shot Bar (which combined your timing with your position on the court, your posture and your defensive pressure).

Though player energy was still measured by the old but gold Stamina Bar around a player’s feet, the Shot Bar floated next to the player’s head, making it extremely difficult to predict.

2K19 tweaked it a little and gave it a new moniker I.e. Shot Meter, which now showed your team colours and was much easier on the eyes and catch hold of.

Now coming to our current Obsession the 2K20 Shot Meter is even smaller than before.It’s only a slight change, but honestly these things matter when you’re trying to dominate your opponent.

Here, you’ll be able to customise your Shot Meter, so the green flash isn’t the only way to visually show a perfect shot. You can also have a splash or splat effect.

We personally use the splash effect and have changed the colour to magenta of the bar. Maybe you should try that too.

They’ve updated your Stamina Bar too. When energy drops below a certain threshold, you’ll see a flashing yellow effect. So, it helps to do your subs and in my career mode it helps you to stop spamming the sprint button and getting easy on those perimeter Ds.

Finally, thanks to an updated motion engine and advances in player imitation, NBA 2K20 requires a working knowledge of how current NBA players operate. So, if you are Steph it’s better you stick to the three point line and if you are a Ben Simmons don’t bother trying one.

But remember the AI defenders get recalibrated if you are playing a season, my career mode or as you start hitting more jump shots in the game.

NBA 2k20 Shooting Controls

If you’re heavily contested in the paint, you may want to post up (with L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One) and then spin or drive a stepback by holding R2/RT and moving the right trigger left or right before quickly releasing. If they won’t give you an opportunity, make one. We personally prefer dominating the paint rather than try my hand at multiple three point attempts.

Above all this remember to have fun and enjoy the game and keep trying those alley oops , they turn out fab on the highlights.


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