NBA 2K20 tips: 7 essential things to know before you play

Whether you’re an experienced baller or fresh on the court, having a set of NBA 2K20 tips to hand is always useful to keep track of the latest developments, especially as we now have a new story mode with none other than Idris Elba calling the shots. There’s also various other improvements and gameplay tweaks to bear in mind, and a revamped MyPlayer mode to get to grips with before you line up and get ready to tip off.

It’s a huge game whose many modes can be overwhelming, which is where our NBA 2K20 tips rundown comes into play. Need to know how to get the most out of MyPlayer, succeed in MyGM, and/or put in a strong performance where it counts? Then let us steer you through it all. These are the seven essential NBA 2K20 tips to know before you play.

1. Master your Playbook

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Let’s tip things off where it matters most: gameplay. The AI in NBA 2K20 has been improved substantially, in terms of both opposition decision-making and your own team’s abilities to work around you. Whether you’re heading into the clutch or simply trying to get an early lead, utilising the Playbook is vital in getting team-mates to follow your commands, both on defence and offence.

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