Angry Total War fans are review-bombing Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly has announced that it is ending support of Total War: Three Kingdoms as of patch 1.7.1. The response from Total War Fans hasn’t been great. They claim that bugs in the DLC haven’t been addressed, and are frustrated a map update that would “focus on building out the North of the map” promised by Creative Assembly in a blog post from July of 2020 never eventuated. In response they’ve begun review-bombing Three Kingdoms on Steam. Its overall review rating of Mostly Positive has dropped to Mostly Negative in recent reviews, and each Three Kingdoms DLC now has Overwhelmingly Negative recent reviews.

They haven’t stopped there, with DLC for the still-supported Total War: Warhammer 2 also being targeted, at least until its fans rallied on Reddit and began leaving positive reviews en masse to bring the ratings back up.

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