The Epic Games Store Will Give Away Another Big Mystery Game Soon

Epic Games continued its weekly offerings of free games through the Epic Games Store last week by giving its users NBA 2K21 for free. The game is approaching one year on the market now and will eventually be replaced this year by a new annual installment in the NBA 2K series, so it wasn’t the most surprising of giveaways, but it was a big one regardless. It was marketed as a “Mystery Game” which typically hints at the game’s well-known status, and according to Epic Games’ newest teaser, the game being given away this week will be a “Mystery Game,” too.

Epic Games’ teaser for the game really isn’t much more than just calling it a Mystery Game alone, but that’s enough to get Epic Games Store shoppers excited for what it might be. Past games given away through the store in this manner included big franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands with the NBA 2K games being the most recent ones to join the ranks of the past giveaways.

There’s no telling right now what the new game will be, but fortunately for those wanting to know more ahead of its release, you may not have to wait much longer. The free games run like clockwork through the Epic Games Store with new titles being announced at the same time every Thursday and then being available in the store for a week, and these sorts of schedules are particularly prone to leaks. The reveal of NBA 2K21 being given away for free was leaked prior to the game being officially announced with the giveaway confirmed less than a day later. If past reveals of what’s to come are any indication of how the next one will go, someone will probably let slip what the game is going to be before it’s confirmed.

Regardless of what it’ll be, you can expect it to be a big enough game. It might not be one that suits your tastes, but it’ll be bigger than many of the other games offered through the Epic Games Store.

For now, you can still download NBA 2K21 while it’s free. It’ll be available only until May 27th at 8 a.m. PT at which point it’ll go back to its full price and will be replaced with whatever this week’s Mystery Game is.

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