Hasan hits back at Adin Ross amid Ludwig drama: “You are a Twitch streamer too”

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker called out Adin Ross after the 20-year-old launched insults at Ludwig Ahgren.

Twitch drama broke out on May 30 after Adin Ross came across a clip of Ludwig Ahgren and Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris making jokes about him and his viewers. The 20-year-old lashed out at the fellow content creators, calling them “nerds.”

A day later, Hasan weighed in on the feud during his livestream and called him an “idiot” for mocking other streamers on the live platform. Piker argued that Ross thinks he is different when in reality he is just like them.

HasanAbi rants about AdinRoss
Twitch: HasanAbi

The popular Twitch streamer responded to Adin Ross and Ludwig drama.

Hasan defends Ludwig from Adin Ross

The discussion broke out when one of Hasan’s viewers called Adin Ross a “Twitch frog that went to private school.” Responding to the viewer’s message, Piker exclaimed, “Yeah 100% he was a Twitch frog. He was a f**king NBA2k streamer for years from what I understand.”

The political commentator then explained why he thought Ross’ insults made no sense. “So for him to turn around and be like “you’re a f**king band geek bro LUL.” It’s like okay, you’re a Twitch streamer too, idiot.”

Hasan followed up by giving viewers an example to explain what he means. “It’s like, I don’t go to the f**king chess club and be like “Pfff, YOU GUYS ARE PLAYING CHESS HERE? What a bunch of f**king losers, dude! Can I be a part of this?” while also simultaneously being like “you f**king losers, you want to play chess? Why don’t you do something cool? Like get some p***y or kissing Corina Kopf.”

The former Young Turks host concluded his rant by arguing that something isn’t right. “I just find it rather strange, that he’s like “F**king band geek, dude…” Also, the entire thing originally started because Ludwig said he was a normie. But like if you’re like a cool guy, then why are you upset when someone who is a band geek calls you a f**king normie. So, like, something doesn’t make sense.”

The feud between Ludwig and Adin has sparked reactions across Twitch. While Ahgren sent an apology message on Twitter, it doesn’t seem that tempers have cooled. At the time of writing, Ross has yet to react to Hasan’s take on the situation.

If nothing else, the whole controversy seems to show the divide between the various communities on the popular streaming platform.

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