Guide To Building A Competitive MyTeam Squad Fast And On A Budget

Chances are you’re stuck at home for long periods of time because of the various global shutdowns due to the Coronavirus.

If you’re a 2K fan, you’ve got some time to grind a few modes, and one of them might be MyTeam. In the event you’re uncomfortable and unable to spend money on Virtual Currency, there is still a way to grab essential cards to become competitive in the mode in a hurry.

It takes a bit more focus and organization, but here are some rules and things to know if you’re trying to build a competitive MyTeam squad fast and on a budget.

Don’t Use a Ton of MT on Packs in MyTeam

There are three kinds of in-game currency in MyTeam.

VC, tokens and MT (MyTeam points). If you’re trying to build a solid team without spending real money, you’ll need to ensure you get the most out of your MT. You earn this in every thing you do within the MyTeam mode.

It’s best to target one card at a time, and to build up your MT until you have enough to get exactly what you want rather than risking all of your hard-earned MT on pack luck. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use MT on packs, but the larger percentage of it should go toward auction purchases.

I encourage an 80/20 split with benchmarks.

For example, perhaps you want to say I’ll build up 50,000 MT before I spend it on anything. If you’re employing the 80/20 rule, 40,000 of the MT would go toward auction purchases, while the other 10 could be used to open a pack.

The more you save, you more you can spend at the auction or on packs, which means you’re increasing your chances of getting a needle-moving card in your collection. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can build if you’re not spending after every game or so you complete.

Play the Challenges

Some of the challenges are well…challenging. However, playing through them will render some valuable cards. The latest Spotlight Challenge has the best rewards in the mode.

Understand the Meta

Each year the meta in MyTeam is a little different.

This year, swingmen with length, shooting and the ability to finish at the hoop ar the most valuable kinds of cards. Be sure to target those kinds of players for Triple Threat Online and MyTeam Unlimited matches.

The best players will have the ability to dominate with the likes of Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady and others. Any of the Pink Diamond or even Diamond versions of Giannis Antetokounmpo are invaluable because of his versatility.

Know Your Play Style

The meta is one thing, but your playstyle is something different.

Are you someone who has excellent shot timing and therefore you don’t need to have the Galaxy Opal Steph Curry and Ray Allen to be deadly from the outside?

Do you have such a good handle on moves in the post that you can turn a Diamond or even an Amethyst big man into a low-post force because of your stick skills?

If so, you can afford to balance your collection in a way that somewhat hides some of your weaknesses, and saves on the spending of your in-game currency.

Be Wise When Deciding Whether to Complete Sets?

Completing sets in MyTeam can be fun, but ask yourself, do I really need or want the reward that is being offered, and is there a card in this set that is expendable?

Once you complete a set and redeem the reward, you can’t sell the card in the collection. If the reward isn’t worth you giving up that flexibility, it’s best to refrain from claiming the prize.

Core Skills, Animations and Attributes Matter More Than Overall Ratings

Three-point shooting, perimeter and post defense, Clamps and Range Extender badges are the most valuable assets for any card.

If the player you’re looking at has the attributes, animations and badges you want, they can be more effective than a card with a higher gem and overall rating.

Focus on what matters the most, and believe it or not, it’s not the overall rating.

You can often find a great card for cheap because it’s not on a high gem level. The Amethyst Lance Stephenson and John Starks is a perfect example. Both perform well above their gem levels and overall ratings

You Will Get Lucky

Just because you’re being wise and frugal when building a team doesn’t mean you won’t luck up on some amazing cards.

You’ll have your pack openings, ball drops on Triple Threat Online, vault openings in Triple Threat and you can also head to the token market to get great cards.

If you simply play the game, it’s impossible for you not to collect some wow cards. Stay focused, and more importantly positive during this difficult time.

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