Popular NBA 2K Developer Joins EA As Creative Director

Scott O’Gallagher, a now former NBA 2K developer, who began his career in the industry with Electronic Arts has returned to the publisher in a creative director capacity.

O’Gallagher posted this tweet on his social media on Tuesday that revealed the career shift.

O’Gallagher, a former professional basketball player who competed in multiple international leagues, had been with 2K as a developer on the NBA 2K franchise since 2015 after starting in game development with EA in 2012, according to his LinkedIn account.

O’Gallagher’s hoops expertise combined with his passion for gaming made him an asset to 2K, and that likely explains why EA sought to bring him back into the fold. At this point, it’s unclear whether O’Gallagher will be working to revive the NBA Live franchise, or on other sports video games as well.

While he has competed professionally as a basketball player, he has a vast knowledge of several sports which could make him an asset on several of the publisher’s franchises.

As 2K is concerned, they are losing one of their key resources, and it’s to a potential competitor if he can be instrumental in leading Live back to respectability.

That said, 2K has a deep team of professionals, some of which have experience as collegiate players, and tons of years under their belt as game developers.

It will be interesting to see what impact O’Gallagher has on EA’s titles, specifically NBA Live which was canceled this year, and possibly others.

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