10 Best Badges For Centers In NBA 2K21

In NBA 2K21, gamers can build their own basketball player with MyPlayer, and take them online or into the NBA with modes like MyCareer. When crafting their b-ball build, players will have access to many Badges, which will boost different abilities in different situations.

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Depending on the position and style of play one chooses, some Badges are better than others. While one could specialize in more of a shooting/playmaking center build, these suggestions are for an old-school center. Whether rebounding, blocking, or dunking, these Badges help control the low post at both ends of the court.

10 The Intimidator Badge


“Intimidator” is a defense/rebounding badge that will make the player’s shot contests much more effective. While this Badge will apply to all shot contests, it will also activate even when the defender is near the shooter.

This is a terrific Badge for any defensive build, as even the Bronze version will greatly increase the chances that the defended shooter misses. Centers will see plenty of field goal attempts in the form of drives and post-ups and will want to make the most of their contests.

9 Box


“Box” is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the center to box out more effectively. This badge will activate whenever the player is boxing out an opponent in a battle for a rebound, where they are positioned near the basket following a shot attempt on the court.

Centers are expected to grab rebounds more than any other position, and ‘Box’ will aid them in that. Bronze works well, but Hall of Fame is recommended.

8 Brick Wall


“Brick Wall” is a defense/rebounding badge that will provide better screens for the player’s teammates and will reduce stamina from opposing players during off-ball contact. This Badge will activate whenever opponents make physical contact with the player, especially when screened.

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Centers with this badge can create lots of space for their teammates, as defenders can be momentarily stunned if they run into a player with Brick Wall equipped. This is one of the best badges for facilitating team offense for centers.

7 Interceptor


“Interceptor” is a defense/rebounding badge that aids the player’s likelihood of stealing nearby pass attempts. This badge will activate whenever the defender attempts to steal the ball as the opponents begin passing it around (however, the defender has to be within range to intercept).

As centers are often defending the post, they will be in a position to disrupt many passes. From alley-oops to drive-and-kicks, the ball often goes down low. Bigs who can disrupt passes are also great at defending pick-and-rolls, a common play from the offense.

6 Putback Boss


“Putback Boss” is a finishing badge that allows a rebounder to attempt more effective putbacks. As such, this badge will activate whenever the player attempts a shot during an offensive rebound.

While the Center isn’t likely to be the best shooter on the team, this is a great badge for providing buckets from the big. The Hall of Fame version will allow players to get a good scoring opportunity whenever they get their hand on a missed shot at the offensive end of the court.

5 Rim Protector


“Rim Protector” is a defense/rebounding badge that increases the likelihood of the user being able to block a shot. It also increases the Takeover meter for the user and their teammates upon a successful block. This badge will activate when blocking an opponent’s shot.

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When the moment calls for a Mutombo finger wag, Rim Protector will make a significant difference in the ability to get a hand on the basketball. A Center build with this Badge will be an effective deterrent to inside shot attempts.

4 Worm


Worm is a defense/rebounding badge that helps rebounders more effectively swim or spin around defenders who are boxing them out. This badge will activate whenever the player is attempting to gain inside rebound positioning while being boxed out.

Even though the Center will often be the one boxing out their opponents, sometimes the player will find themselves on the wrong side of the position battle. This badge is great for worming one’s way past their opponent and hauling down rebounds.

3 Moving Truck


“Moving Truck” is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the Center to more effectively push opponents out of the post. This badge will activate whenever attempting to push an opponent out of their position in the post. However, this does not apply to box-outs.

Sometimes, a battle for a rebound can be won before it begins. This badge will allow centers to clear the opponent they are defending away from the basket before a shot attempt, improving their chances of grabbing the board for their team.

2 Post Move Lockdown


“Post Move Lockdown” is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the Center to more effectively stick with the opponent attacking in the post. This badge will activate when the opponent a player is guarding attempts a post move, such as a drop-step, hook, or spin.

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As the primary defender of the post, the Center will be responsible for dealing with a variety of tricky offensive moves. Luckily, this badge will automatically improve the ability of the Center to defend their opponent, allowing the player to stick close and get a hand up on the shooter.

1 Pogo Stick


“Pogo Stick” is a defense/rebounding badge that will allow the player to more effectively block more than one shot attempt in a short span of time. This Badge will activate whenever the player attempts to block a shot multiple times in a row.

A great choice whether the center falls for the pump fake in the post, or just needs to deny the shooter more than once before their team can secure possession of the ball. While successive block attempts usually become less effective, Pogo Stick keeps the player in the fight for the rebound.

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