How to Change Pro Stick Aiming


The new jump shot mechanics in NBA 2K21 have been a controversial topic this year. Not many players have reacted positively to the new shot meter and pro stick functions. As a result, 2K has allowed players to use last year’s settings once again. Here’s how to change pro stick aiming in NBA 2K21.

How to Change Pro Stick Aiming in NBA 2K21

Shot Aiming and Shot Timing

NBA 2K21 Pro Stick Aiming

When the game first launched, the pro stick could only be used for aiming on jump shots. This means that you would have to use the stick to keep a yellow marker inside a target window on each jump shot. It’s essentially a mini-game within the new shot meter.

After a recent patch, pro stick timing was brought forward from last year’s game, into NBA 2K21. With pro stick timing, players simply have to release the stick at the right time to let go of the ball on a jump shot. This is how it’s been for years now.

How to Choose Between Aiming and Timing

In order to choose which type of jump shot mechanic to use, you’ll need to first go to the Options menu. This menu can be reached from the pause menu of any game mode, or even by pausing the game mid-match. It can also be reached from the Features tab on the main menu.

From Options, select Controller Settings. Under Controller Settings, you’ll see the Shot Aiming and Shot Timing options. From here, you can set your preferences.

You can set either of them to work for shots and layups, or shots only. The new Shot Aiming mechanics can be turned off completely, while Shot Timing can’t.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change pro stick aiming in NBA 2K21. If you’re looking for more tips on NBA 2K21, be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game.

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