Control Is Last Free Game In Epic Mega Sale 2021

From now until June 17, all Epic Games Store users can download Remedy’s Control free of charge as part of the latest Epic Mega Sale 2021 deal.

Remedy’s Control counts as the final free game on offer in the Epic Mega Sale 2021, which will come to a close on June 17. Epic Games kicked off its storefront’s latest Mega Sale in late May, allowing users to download NBA 2K21 as the first freebie. Two other notable titles became available as free downloads throughout the following weeks.

When the NBA 2K21 offering wound down, Epic Games Store users were able to access and own InnerSloth’s Among Us at no extra charge. That particular deal lasted one week, starting on May 27 and concluding on June 3. The city-builder Frostpunk constituted the third free game in the Epic Mega Sale 2021. PC players had the option to claim the post-apocalyptic title from June 3 to June 10. Now Remedy Entertainment’s 2019 sleeper hit is up to bat, closing out the month of deals.

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The fourth and final free game for Epic Games Store users to claim in the Epic Mega Sale is none other than Control. Player s can download the intrigue-filled sci-fi adventure now via the digital storefront, where it will remain a free offer until June 17, according to the game’s listing on the Epic Games Store.

With this offer now on the table, a good chunk of people interested in Control should have been able to access it at no extra cost within the last year or so. Remedy and publisher 505 Games partnered with Sony to release Control: Ultimate Edition as a PS Plus title for PlayStation 5 owners back in February, for example. The Oldest House-set caper additionally appeared on Xbox Game Pass for PC in January. Who knows what free feed it will end up on next?

Control hit stores in 2019, dropping players into the role of Jesse Faden, a young woman looking for clues about her brother’s mysterious disappearance. What she stumbles across is a world of intrigue involving a secret government organization that combats supernatural forces. The crew at Remedy did more than craft an action-packed experience bolstered by a compelling narrative. In exploring the Oldest House, players can find evidence of Alan Wake’s existence in the same universe, an astonishing reveal that Remedy expanded upon in Control’s AWE DLC.

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Control is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Epic Games Store

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